What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Is just a moon wannabe.

Fails at moonwalking.

Walks the talk, but doesn't talk to pies.

Is dangerously close friends with different foods.

Barely escaped becoming a witch's pie.

Just lost their can of troll spray, and can't afford more.

Is selling cheese at ridiculously high prices.

Buys the cheese anyway.

Is trying to corner the market in toast sales.

Is the competition.

Is Ayn Rand.

Has the biggest cock on the farm.

Is Bernie Mac's reincarnation.

Is Billy Mays in disguise.

He actually DOES need no education and actually DOES need no thought control.

Is experimenting on why people try to see if the light is still on in the fridge after they close it.

Is facinated by things that go poo.

Scared of things that go bump in the night.

Didn't cry at the end of Ole Yeller.

Was Old Yeller's secretary.

Hates the game more than the players.

Lost all control when he found out 2+2=4.

Knows how to divide by zero without creating paradoxes.

doesn't know how to divide by zero

Is a whiney pissant.

I think of furries...and 300.

Can't stop talking to themselves.

His name is really Jim

Knows how magnets work.

Actually yiffs in purgatory.

rgkhrhtk double post soz.

Works for the SCP Foundation.

Misses the point on purpose all the time.

Is a piece of pie.


Won't stop thinking about food.

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