What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Isn't really a taco.

Is the last surviving Roman.

Is on the Highway to Hell

Is actually a burrito.

Is also a burrito.

Secretly wishes their avatar were less rectangular, and also a burrito...

wants us all to become burritos so he can dispose of us deliciously instead of just easily.

Is in a band so experimental they have named themselves the scientists.

Is really just on a trip to the nearest chipotle so he can buy a delicious chipotle burrito.

Purged the albino Namikians.

Despises meowth.

Hates bunnies!

Pissed himself/herself when they got tazed.

Has no eyes behind the sunglasses.

Has no plan to deal with Bearrists.

Becomes more powerful with every post.

Becomes less powerful with every post.

Is freaked out by their own avatar.

Would like to slay Happy.

Donates 3/5ths of his income to charity.

Makes use of a stunt double so he doesn't have to dance all day every day. =D

Feeds Egyptian pharaohs to mongooses.

Moves like his avatar irl.

Wishes to have the power to edit posts and uncensor self-censored words.

Wishes to Escapists next top mod!

He is Kross' twin. Who is under the influence of amnesia. Very convenient...

He is secretly planning to overthrow Kross!

He is my secret admirer.

He secretly wants me dead.

He was the reincarnation of Hitler as a cute kitty who can't stop dancing. I swear all the cats are out to take over the world...

He's actually a successful rap battler.

Hates all things that deal with fire.

Loves all... monkeys?

Isn't really silent at all.

Is in fact a zapdos

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