What do you think the above users deepest darkest secrets are?

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Is actually my cousin.

Is my pony loving friend who also loves Morrowind.

Enjoys Harvest Moon more than any other game.

Enjoys Harvest Moon Cave Story more than any other game.

Enjoys butchering the name of my favorite games.

Generally prefers remixes of songs over the originals.

Is unable to deal with it.

Doesn't like dealing with Cake sympathizers.

Doesn't like cake.

Is deathly afraid of technology.

Is actually the evil twin.

Isn't actually a saint.

Isn't actually Norman.

Is merely the illusion of a person

Is a communist.

Fancies Communists.

Robs graves for fresh corpses

Robs graves for frsh coffins

Drools all over themselves when they sleep.

Drools over other people when they sleep.

Collects people's drool when they sleep.

It the greatest twitter stalker you've seen.

Sends friend requests to teenage girls on facebook just to look at their pictures.

Saves pictures of girls he knew in school and gets 4chan to shop them.

Shops those very pictures when they appear on 4chan.

Quite enjoyed Duke Nukem: Forever. (The new one if that isn't what it is called)

Created the new Duke Nukem game

Kaulen Fuhs:
Created the new Duke Nukem game

How did you know?!?

OT: Is secretly Nicolas Cage.

Wants to date Nicholas Cage.

Doesn't know that the bird is the word, even though supposedly everyone knows that.

Cannot deal with it himself.

Is my stalker who is too shy to talk to me.

Is actually Nicholas cage, I'm on to you...

Is actually Nicolas Cage, but is accusing me of being Nicolas Cage to take suspicion off you because you are actually Nicolas Cage!


Is a legion of Nicolas Cages.

Is a actually a spy for the nicholas cage legion

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