if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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I would.................do nothing...................just stare at them................

it's gimp time...

its punch person in the face who has the program I want, time.

Get a spy to sap his flamethrower.

get a spy (that I haven't burned, yet to stab her.)

spray you with a fire extinguisher

Destroy you.

Bake your head into a tasty pumpkin pie.

dye your hair a non green color

Prove to him that he is NOT an anime, and is just a poor attempt by Americans to make one.

I'd make friends with Isaac, Seduce Shion and experiment with the Zombie/demon thingy seeing how much punishment it can take without falling apart.

I'd force it to not rape people.

I'd ask them questions. Like.......

*pistol whips*

What color is my underwear?

*pistol whips*

Lick their face like a dog.

Not sure. Take their sunglasses, I guess.

make her watch all the star wars and trek movies with me..

I would ride it. Its a mech! What am I supposed to do?

more than likely beat to death for trying to catch me; or set me on fire.

You're going to pay dearly for replacing Mewtwo in Brawl, you stupid dog...person...thing.

Stop smiling. It isn't allowed.

Also, tie yourself back up to that post.

"Ahhhh! Christ! Get away! Get awwaaaaaaaayyyyy!"

And then lock the door behind me.

Quit tearing up those ropes!

How am I supposed to process your carcasses when you avatars keep breaking out?

Uhh.... if I'm seeing your avatar correctly... that would be a fat nun in my basement... so... I'd probably ask "what the fuck are you doing here?" and then let her go... after charging a nominal fee of course.

Uh huh...

Is that a giant face? If so, poke it in the eye with a stick

Kill it (out of fear) with magnets.

Well could I? I mean your flapping so hard you'd just fly out ya know

Im not into beastiality so I'll just feed it and call it my pet

I'd hire Master Chief as my personal bodyguard and befriend Cortana, because she's sooooo cooool.

Make them play D&D with me...

Staring Contest,

Watch Starfish week on the learning channel...

Set up a better wifi connection.

I would make them read... that will learn em...

Unplug her.

Force to watch the biggest pile of 'hey you live in a city and hencforth we can dictate the cool factor fo hungry killing machines week' syndrome on tv. Shark Week, a marketer's wetdream.

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