if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Well I don't really have a basement but I guess the sewers will work fine, in any case probably torture him until he agrees to not ever cross me of the list or alternatively never release him, though that would make the issue of overpopulation quite extreme.
Mwahahaha immortality.

Wow, been a while since I've been here, let's see what we've... got... Okay, how the hell did I tie up a game of Tetris?

My long lost brother!? *Hugs*

*yanks your tail*

*draws a mustache on him*

Crush his body with coins!

Lots and lots of coins...

I'm taking over this yacht.

Seal him off and run away, so many lightings are sure to burn my house, but it's OK it'll be covered by the insurance.

Okay, forget the Tetris game, how the hell did I tie YOU up?

Unmask you and then charge punters tickets to see the freak.

*takes hat*

I'll add it to my collection.

*Takes Veil* Looks snazzy on me!

Well I did want to have Chinese food today.
Don't know if that joke works outside where I live, but supposedly they serve cats there, also supposedly they have cat farms!

Force him to train himself to the point of death

Take his boat!

Force him to watch me...!
play Just Cause 2.

Have hr watch the Beavis and Butthead movie 1000 times.

Have him watch A Clockwork Orange with the head strap on!

Have him play Painkiller with a track pad and his eyes closed.

Have him watch Disney Channel original movies on repeat, with the volume turned to the max

Tie him up and keep him in isolation, for the good of the world. Seriously, I sold my soul and torture people as a hobby, and even I find that despicable.

I'd perform the shady sands shuffle on him.

I'd draw rainbows and unicorns on your chest.

Draw a doodle of a noodle on yer noggin!

Take his wizard hat to use as a spare

Make him put on his wizard hat and robe, then leave.

*Take your hat for myself*

It doesn't suit you. Go get one off that dead cowboy over there.

Chain her up and make a brick wall that seals her inside

a la Cask of Amontillado!

Make you watch that TV with only static and the occasional image thrown in to brainwash you...

Ship him to Siberia and force him to work in the Gulag

Oh goody.
Tell me where the quesadilla went and I won't have to fill you with grease and mush.

*takes lightsaber*

*takes hat*

Careful, there's water on the floor, those bolts of lightning might cause some problems.

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