if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Incessantly quote Starfox 64 until your brain melts.

Fill all those rubes with Red Bull.

Get some stronger ropes.

I'd show you the Grifter video endlessly.

*stares*... ummmm... wha?

Don't worry I've covered the floors in bubble wrap for just such an occasion.

You have made it just in time. I have a new cord for you.

My goodness...........I don't know what to say................um.............hi...

I do know what to say. It starts with 'H'.

and ends with 'oly mother of god what is that!?'

slap it violently because I hate visitors to my basements, you have to pay me to do that.

We would play Donkey Konga, for no particularly good reason.

Oh garbage not you again.

Time to see what is under that pumpkin.

Get all coy and stare...<.<

Receptions terrible down here, isn't it?

Go upstairs.

Take that helmet off, freak.

Take her to coordination therapy.

Probably take that UFO you're sitting on.

I would sing this song

i don't know:
I would sing this song

I can't help but notice how scared that guy looks at 18 seconds.

OT: I would join in singing it.


Now you can never use the pear for evil again.

Get her to power my house.

Go to the edge of the universe, of course

Call the dog catcher.

Steal her hat for my own evil purposes...

And probably just let her go or something, I dont need her.

Hack him until he is on my side/take is armour.

Make him play Superman 64... BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Get DNA samples then let him go.

Teach her the difference between 'fresh' and 'fly'.

Take their candy from 'em.........

Make him read all of Shakespeare, without ceasing.

Tell Buzz that it isn't a real spaceship

Have them read Lord of the Flies by listening to it by audio book........

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