Kirby the Escapist above you's Avatar.. What power do you get?

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The power to scare the hell outta a god...

The power to transform into a wolf.

The ability to eat lasers.

The ability I guess.

The ability to not be able to go anywhere without a really annoying extension cord.

The ability to fly if I flap my arms really fast.

The ability to turn into a shadow, when ever I enter a green background.

Great I get to be a guy with a spoon head, or a girl with head trauma...Or a hermaphrodite with spoon-head-trauma.

Multiple wires coming out of my back.

The power of knowledge.

The power to believe I can fly.

The power to kill with cuteness.

Or kill and have cuteness, whatever.

The power to wake up from The Matrix?
(Get it because of the wires in him? Oh forget it.)

The power to play an ocarina

The power to rain green cakes from the ceiling.

The power to run exactly 28 yards at a time.

The power of giant hammers lol 8-bit theater

Um... that makes no sense whatsoever.

On topic: Portals. Need I say more?

the power to see through a hood

Portals and devil horns.

A cool witch hat and wind powers.

I get the ability to scare the shit out of people.

Unlimited access to and navigation of the internet.

The ability to wave my hat in the wind?

The ability to sprint around corners.

The ability to make strange hazard signs.

The power to... uh, huh.

I'm not really sure. I gues it'll involve dancing...? Maybe?

The ability to be entirely skeletal and presumably fly military aircraft.

The power to do a barrel roll.

(you hear this one alot I bet)

The power to only appear grainy on film and in pictures.

The power to wear billowy robes & hat which flutter ominously, even when there is no wind.

The Power of Black Magic!

I become the Billpocalypse.

I get the mighty powers of music.

The power to have a face

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