If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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"Noodle? Awww never-mind its just Cyborg Noodle.........Oh shit!"

So, whose house are we in?

Who opened the damn window!?

Oh thanks honey. You brought me breakfest.
*eats pie*

I probably wouldn't think much, having been punched in the head by a walrus all night.

um, more sunshine and lollipops?

Would you guard my sentry while I get more metal?

tequila and nachos have failed me...

Well whatever happens in Vegas...

What's that? We're not in Vegas?

... crap. But it could definantley be worse

So you wanna go to IHOP fo all you can eat pancakes through the month of October

Please. Use that portal to leave. I do not want to be seen now.

So uh... want a starfish?

NOM the Starfish

Retrieve my starfish.

never its my starfih now Dango. :p

I'm allergic to pumpkins!!
*sissy slaps*

Do you use golden bullets to kill were-tigers?

*opens eyes*


*shoots you repeatedly with a plasma rifle and then goes back to sleep*

Stop clicking those mandibles dammit! *shoves starfish in it's mouth* There, that should solve everything.

Ouch, quit nudgeing me!

Hello, clone.

Whiskey is a hell of a beverage.

...You ain't kidding.


Murdoc needs to stop letting you out of the Broomcloset, this has happened 10 times now!



Would you guard my sentry while I get more metal?

sure just one thing, SPY CHECK!

OT: Strokes hair, go back to sleep, we have a lot of work to do.

Are you my mommy?

Hmm, breakfast in bed. Good.

Oh good! I needed a Halloween costume *takes cape and hat*.


not another one! >:O

Bonk! Hahaha! No seriously though get out.

Why do you always sleep with that starfish? Most kids have a blanket.

You're one to talk with that (fantastic) hat.

You're wasting way too much electricity, I'm afraid I'll have to shut you down.

I will

before I let that happen.

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