Give the user above you a humorous execution

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For the crime of having awesome levels comparable to mine, you, Pyra G, are to be executed via afixiation under a pile of hats while Chuck Norris, O'Chul from OOTS and Saxton Hale battle it out over your head, likely causing hats to fall and crush you. This will be accompanied by suitably eepic music and sound effects.

after running for hours on end you stop at the local tavern and decide to stay the night as you are hoping out of the bath you slip and split open your skull on the edge of the bathtub and die of blood loss and drowning.

A creepy dog with one red and one black eye noms your feet in your sleep. You wake up, and then you die of shock.

I shoot her.

Drowning in a ball pit.

I give you drugs that make you panic to death.

The drugs where actually some T-virus ZOMBIE TIME!

You have to panic while playing Desert Bus until you have a heart attack.

The error is a divide by Zero error.

Goodbye reality.

Drowning in a pool of gasoline.

Marauder Shields kills you...for the greater good!

Give him a glasgow smile.

A give you a badass counter attack that kills you instantly!

Remove his robotic limbs.

Death by centrifuge.

Death by having the sky fall on his head

drowned by snake oil which isn't even real quality snake oil.

Drowned by Nicolas Cage. He holds you down while screaming "I'M A VAMPIRE, I'M A VAMPIRE!"

Electrocuted by Zapados and sent flying ala Team Rocket style and plummeting to your death.

Well here is a nice intro level to ease you in-


Father Ted comes to your house and beats you to death with a bat after forcing you to sign a will giving everything to him. Once the funeral is over and Father Ted receives all the money he proceeds to Las Vegas. Father Ted then loses all of the money gained in a single game of Blackjack.

someone spills a glass of salt water on your head and because of the devil fruit you drown.

The Cat-In-The-Hat sends Thing 1 and Thing 2 to break your knee caps while the Cat destroys your house causing it to fall on you.

You are forced to eat a live shark who then uses his teeth as a chainsaw and cuts his way out of you.

You are coated in cap nip and thrown into a veterinarian office filled with rapid cats; the doors and windows are the locked and boarded up.

You have been kidnapped and thrown into Guantanamo Bay, where you share a cell with Santa Claus and his gang of intellectual property thief's terrorists.

You are thrown into a pool of jelly with malevolent gummy animals in it.

A accident leaves your pillow raidoactive slowly melting you liver.

You are trapped in a mascot costume and thrown into an anime convention in Las Vegas with a sign strapped to you. The sign says "Please give me your strongest bear hug".

You are to be locked away in a cave filled with horny scorpions.

Death by breakfast sausage.

Death by Anime nose bleed of DOOOOOOM!!!

Death by Anime nose bleed of DOOOOOOM!!!

trampled to death by a harem of squid monsters dressed as virgin school girls.

Victim of an attack by Tween Pop Star fans at a concert. Seems those little tween claws can kill...probably also shouldn't have grabbed a mic and called them those names...

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