Give the user above you a humorous execution

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I throw a pokeball at you, capture you and then burn the pokeball.

I hit him violently, catch his skull (which is somehow on fire) and put it in a bucket.

Whilst being imported to mainland Britain for public flogging and hanging, due to World Cup interference, suffocates in a packing crate in the hold of a commercial liner.

I would try eating them, but then get full and give the rest to the dog.

I shall send him to New Zealand. Nothing ever bad happens there.

I shall ensure they stay in space next time.

A man treads silently on the dark rooftop. He slowly raises his rifle to his shoulder, and spots his target. He slowly pulls the trigger, sending the bullet towards Xpwn3ntial's head. But unfortunately, a gust of wind pushes the bullet into his target's shoulder. The mysterious sniper quickly sprints down the ladder as Xpwn3ntial runs into a nearby building for cover. Our assailant pulls a pistol out of a shoulder holster as he runs after Xpwn3ntial in the building. He moves carefully through the door, down a hallway, and around a corner when bullets begin sailing through the air around him. Xpwn3ntial was fighting back! The assassin returned fire for a second or so, before hearing a loud "click click click" echo through the air as Xpwn3ntial ran out of bullets. The assassin ran towards his target, and punched him in the bloody shoulder. Xpwn3ntial swung the now-empty pistol at the assassin's head, but the assassin ducked and then shot Xpwn3ntial in each kneecap. The assassin then pocketed his pistol, and pulled out a short knife. He completed his work swiftly, flaying back most of the skin from Xpwn3ntial's chest. He then cut the ribcage apart, and ripped out his target's still-beating heart while shouting "KALI-MAN!"

Then he ate the heart.

I'm thinking a guillotine.

Wait no, a guillotine that's on fire.

Kicks whole foot in mouth so his mouth is around it and stamping it on the ground and dragging it along the ground painting a scarily, grotesque, detailed picture with the trail of blood.

*Shoves an umbrella through your head via your eye socket, and then opens it with enough force to project your head everywhere.*

I'll bake you a cake...laced with nitroglycerin.

I stick her in a full size snow globe.

Deliver this package to the silliest sun in the solar system!

I would start driving it. Then it's only a matter of time.

Fill the tubes with silly puddy.

I see a sledgehammer in your future.

And I see a spray-can of starch in yours. How dare your robe and hat be so...wavy. After that, I will beat you with the can until you are dead, and grasp the can firmly into the air, screaming a war cry of awesomeness before flipping off the moon.

This post is to make the previous post appear.

Two deaths for two posts!
First death: stuff you full of jello!
Second death: Use a giant shoe to squish you like a bug!

I would hurl him and his entire crew into a hive of space bees. Then sit back and watch.

Explosive decompression can get the best of anyone.

Turn you into a newt. Obviously.

Set fire to the hat.

My methods involve clowns and fire. Yes, I throw flaming clowns as him.

Wow your doing the work for me!
Hug to death (while naked)?

Take out small intestine wrap it like a noose around your neck and hang you with it.

Lets find a rock, I mean a big ass rock,
or maybe something like a cinder block is better.
I'd hold it up and drop it on your face,
My buddy.

(I doubt anyone will get that)

I'd crush him with a Hummer in the Matrix, thus killing his mind.

I throw yet more pokeballs before burning them and eating the charred remains within.

I'd send brutes to tickle him to death somehow. He'd LOVE that.

I'd cough all over his face, and then let the Geth have access to the migrant fleet information and blow up his ships before they can attack the Geth.

And then I'd go bang his Quarian girlfriend.... in an unsterilized environment without taking any medical protective procedures.

Force feed him nothing but saurekraut for 26 and a half years.

I set 704.3 seriel killer dolphins on him. Armed with lazers.

I'd put a trap door under him and feign death when he tries to kill me. When he does his victory dance, BOOM! A pit of fire and octopus.

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