Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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Given Planet Express's track record when it comes to missions....

Hell no.

I can't even see what it is.

Put the sword done... D: guess not.

Yes, yes I would! He's immortal and a cool guy!
And a mobster! Wait...

We've got each others back!

We'd dress up in costume and stop crime!

Yes I would! Taco is always there for me!

Why not?

I would trust a dragon!

They seem to be trustworthy creatures...

No taco has ever done me wrong before.

Of course, the fire in the background guarantees safety!


With my strength and his magic, all we need is a healer and we're in good business

Sure, why not? He could punch all the blood out everything.


Because I really don't want to fight him


He's super buff, smart, and oh so protective!

Yep, if I'm going to die it isn't going to be alone >:]

Seems like a pretty heroic person. Sure, why not?

You can't go wrong with a smug royal type!

No because they already have their hands full with a constant battle that seems to never end.

Why no, looks innocent enough.

Tizzy is a pretty swell guy, I think I can trust him.

No way. I know better than to trust someone with a Voldemort nose.

I have the feeling like this individual would be causing the dire situation...

I think he can be trusted with the location of the bomb...

He can be trusted with the button that detonates the bomb.

I wouldn't want her to know where I dumped Bruce Wayne... >.>

What do I have to lose? If you can't trust PsychicTaco115 then what has this world become?!

With that stare? He'd literally scare the situation away.

Everyone knows people with scary faces are good on the inside!

He's not from MERICA!

But he is a MERICA ally, so I shall

He can fly... Of course that's going to be useful, even if there is only one location he'll fly to.

I would!

I need intel on the Commies!

I would trust him to do the best thing for 'MERICUH, nothing more.

Sure, as long as he doesn't recite any amendments while he is helping me!

I would trust him to watch my back...

We fought in 'Nam

Judging by the look of him in his current appearance, it was actually him that caused the dire situation...

So yeah, I'd trust him.

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