Would you trust the avatar aboue you in a dire situation?

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Yeah, he's got a big enough gun..

Still good though. Although she looks in a suicidal mood. :X

OT: He has green. Sign of life. Sign that i trust it with my life.

He's a Christmas themed assassin, what could possibly go wrong?

No, you were suspended, naughty >_<

Although it is nice to see you back.

Always bet on Smug.

Because I usually lose my bets I won't be able to trust you.

[hums]Trust is such a beautiful word....[/hums]

I think you mean thrust.

I guess I could trust you though.

yeah y not

He just edited his post.

I saws it >.>

I can't trust someone who changes their mind.

[hums]Thrust is a fascinating word,

Alas a perverted one,

Trust is what the lad yearns,

That is what i give him./hums]

I'm a terrible rhymer.

Terrible at rhymes and a pedo santa but I'd still trust him.

The title of pedo=santa is not befitting me... in any case.

I would trust the boy but the gardener seems to be a fine string lad.

Well I know he trusts me...or he could be lying in order to assassinate me.
I'll trust you just hang onto this remote bomb until we're out of this situation.

Yes, because he/she is awesome.

Well now I can't not trust him.

Who wouldn't trust a face like that?

Anyone in a Santa hat must be trustworthy.

See above.

Gonna have to agree with the hat thing.

I suppose that I couldn't distrust an inanimate object.

No santa hat. No deal.

how on earth can i distrust konata

@Gamegodtre: You can not. Kagami is a different story.

OT: I suppose a piece of paper is trustworthy, but not useful.

Yes... but I have to ask... is there room on that UFO for two?

Of course! Why wouldn't I trust my friendly neighborhood time lord?

Only if she promised not to come down with a Zerg infestation.

i dont like the look of his face

No promises, but I'll try. Good enough?

EDIT: No way, that guy ninjaes :(

No promises, but I'll try. Good enough?

EDIT: No way, that guy ninjaes :(

Fine.... but just make sure I'm not exposed to that.

The stare.... it shows.... redemption.

Of course!
Why wouldn't I trust a sneaky-back-stabby Assassin?

well he is a doctor

You seem trustworthy... but not terribly useful.

Well I've maimed him enough to feel that I owe him that much.

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