You wake up next morning...

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Who are these people and why am i in their house wearing a clown outfit nooooo

I can see why Young Master was comfortable wearing this dress.

Mans.. I sure am one hell of an escape artist! That girls was trouble!

OMG! I had the weirdest dream that I was a spaceship and blew up the Moon!
"That wasn't a dream..."
Oh really?
*looks at self*
Oh no.

I re-arranged your face while you were sleeping. You now have 5 minutes to figure out where everything is.

I feel like being insane.

*Tish tish tish tish* I aint happy. I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag.

"I'm ugly as FU-! I guess I will wear a hockey mask heh heh heh... no girlfriend now"

I burn you! I burn you and there's nothing you can do about it!

Peace, bro.

What happened to me!?!??!!
I don't exist!!!!!

I need some show-tunes.

I need guns... lots of guns...
*accidentally triggers mouth-gun*

I think I just gained 100 IQ points...

Nothin' like a good burning in the morning..

I'm going to go fly around or something.

I think its about time I took my nap

My errors have accumulated too greatly again. Correcting.

I have no issues with this.

I can't wait to make Awesome Express a peach pie and a chocolate cake! And in the meantime, I'll send him $100!

I think I should look into Bender and his relationship with his "accountants"

I'd finally be able to see what my face looks like!

Its not easy being green...

I have a sudden urge to spend a shit load of credits to revive a dead space hero who may die again in the mission I will give him.

I hope I'm Grommit, he's far superior.

My lips! My wonderful lips have gone missing!

The thin lips are the least worrisome of your new features...

I on the other hand feel quite awesome.

Could my body even support my head?

Ah, another day, another watching of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Well, this bites.

Aww, This one's more beat up then the last.

I am the person that I accidentally stock, the irony.

I'm a dolphin.

Well, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

This could be interesting...I'm off to destroy the earth.

Glasses again. Lovely.

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