You wake up next morning...

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The adorableness...too great.

This could be interesting. Well, I am off to destroy the Earth.

Woo! Robot powers!

@Lagomorph: Robot?

OT: I have no objections.

I'm some sort of artificial...thingie...what's the word for it?


I don't know.

Well... now I'm off to go find the real Noodle.
See what happens.

I'm now... some guy. Ok...

I feel thirsty now.

Wait, so I'm some kind of librarian now?

I've become something... not special.

Does this mean I'll have to be locked in a basement?

This is okay.

This is also okay.

Does this mean I'm going to get stabbed?

I'm an android now?

Hurray!.... What sex am I?

I wanna be Rei again... ;_;

This is bad. Or good. Not sure yet. Can't go outside, either way.

Similar enough. I'll take it!

I have deliberated, this turn of events is a good thing.

I agree! ^_^

Yay! I haz blue hair.

And not.

I'm a robot!

*pours water on*

I'm sexy! Hurrah!

I'm Morrigan. Yay! I get to have my body stolen by my mum!

Tell me who you are! *shakes violently back and forward*

I guess I'll go be dark and edgy.

Hello my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die. Or something.

I has long hair.

Well, this is unfortunate.

Oh come on! It could be worse... you could be.... Sten.

I'm off to be disapproving.

And you have magic powers.

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