You wake up next morning...

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Woah I need a shave.......or an open flame.

Two words: Fucking Awesome...<.<

I'm a girl!? O well, i've never been much of a testosterone pumped guy anyway...

Well Lain is sort of... the equivalent to god...<.<

OT: Do I get the mechs too?

Hey I've never seen the snow before.

.....I must twirl for a while.

Ninja time!!!

Hmmm? Do i get the floating heart as well?

Be pretty chuffed, I love christmas. Epic!

Companion bubble my friend. They're all the rage.

Yay Christmas spirit! I'd be damn sexy and cute.

Huzzah for winter assassinations! The next snowball fight is going to rock! >:3

A sexy fox? Oh yeah.

go on a mad killing spree

Carry on with life as normal, and confuse the hell out of everyone in the process.

Whoa... must have been one hell of a night. :)

I'd pay Leonardo a visit, and ask him to use the next Codex page to make me a pair of specialised assassination-purpose ice-skates. xD


CAn i have those?

OT: Yay i'm a fox again!

Sigh.. not again.. who am I assassinating this time?

No one. I am a super super girl. :P

I haz a santa hat

I am a platypus.... time to poison a human!

Im speaking in hearts... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

I'm Perry the platypus! :D

Where are my eyes????????

I support the movement of the Walrus which call for saving the bucket!

My santa hat is BOSS

My boss is MOSS. >_<

My MOSS is boss. haha

My boss MOSS works on Windows Dos.

My MOSS boss works on Mac Books

Yay! I'm a biological oddity! ^_^

Starfox CHRISTMAS! I just a fox? awwww


Well i'm going to the bar to flirt with La Volpe.

Yes. Now I'm an assassin with a snata hat...

I'm still a trap..

Oh Snow!

Awesome! I'm an assassin!!!
Wait... why can't I take this hat off?
And why is a speech bubble stalking me?


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