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Asael developed a grin of intent as he glanced at every corner of the room before leaning across the table, "if we're going to stop them, why not start from the inside, I'm assuming that after all this fighting both sides might be running short on numbers" said Asael in a quiet tone to Lorel and Itsuka.

"We need information, and this would be a primetime for me to start acting like a hired blade again" suggested Asael, as he sat back in his chair, his smirk dissolving as his nonchalant posture again took over.

From the youthful appearance of the man who had approached Acelle he could only be one man, the one she'd heard so much about over the years....

"And I presume your Jaq? If so, I've been looking forward to working with you" said Acelle by way of a greeting, bowing her head slightly yet respectfully as the man approached. Once the man she assumed to be Jaq had entered the alleyway proper.

"You'll be taking the lead with the questions sweetheart, I want to see how talented the fabled young Jaq is" stated Acelle cryptically with a secret smile behind her face mask, before she rose to full height from the wall, beckoned to her partner and walked over to what looked to be an abandoned, disused old crate. After delivering a swift kick to its side that shook the crate and caused a loud crack, faint, slightly Human sounds could be heard from inside the crate.

"Before you arrived I picked this up, it should help lead us to our target" continued Acelle with a wink as she smoothly drew one of her knives and prized the lid off of the crate with a swoosh. The blade was returned to its sheath, before the assassin reached inside the box with both hands and dragged out a terrified, bound man, leaving him on his back between the two assassins.

"All yours"

A hired blade, that could work...

"Okay. Do it. Best thing we can probably do to get in the inside. Get when operations are going down." Lorel spoke directly to Asael.

"Think you won't get caught?"

Jaquard nodded at Acelle, still smiling. "You flatter me, miss Acelle. Interrogations aren't my expertise but I'll do my best."

The boy crouched down next to the tied man. He removed a binding covering his mouth, which was followed by several swears with a mixed tone of relief and fear. "Hello there. I'm Jaq, And I'd like to ask you a few questions, okay?" The asassin asked with a warm, friendly tone.

The man cursed at Jaq and started screaming loudly. Jaq reached into his robes and pulled out a steel dagger, wickedly sharp, and held it in the captive's mouth as he yelled. "Please stop that, it's very irritating." Jaq said, his warm tone now dropped. "Now do you know the location of a mister Warees 'the Professional' Blackwood? He's caused quite a bit of ruckus and he needs to be killed."

The man slowly and lightly nodded his head.

"Good. Are you going to tell me where he is?"

The man nodded once again. Jaq smiled and withdrew his blade, and the man took a breath of relief. "Last I heard he was going to this tavern, the Hedon's Den..." He said.

Jaq looked up at Acelle. "You know where that is?" He asked.

"Yes I do" replied Acelle with a slow, slightly regretful nod towards Jaq as her gaze turned to the informant at their feel. A one that knew Acelle would be able to tell from her eyes that she was feeling sympathetic, even apologetic to the man at their feet and they would also be able to guess what was about to happen.

Slowly and smoothing, Acelle bent her knees until she sat upon the backs of her feet, eyes level with the wimpering man before her. She took the back of his neck softly in her hand and looked him in the eyes, before uttering the last words he would ever hear.

"I'm sorry, but we cant let you live"

Once Acelle finished speaking, she took the other side of his head in her other hand and smoothly snapped his neck.

"He would have lived if you had not said our names, remember that in future, otherwise, I'm pleased with your performance. Come though, its time the Stain finished its business with Mr Blackwood" said Acelle as she rose to her feet, her tone normal, even slightly jovial, as the anticipation of the coming battle was growing almost too much to bear, though Acelle hid it well.

With a swift movement, the assassin moved to the side of the alley, did a quick, impressive set of agile movements and pulled herself up on a ledge until she stood on the roof of a nearby building, looking down at Jaq.

Time to see if the boy could keep up.

"I'm not too keen on being caught by anyone, so I trust myself to be competent enough to manage" spoke Asael in a business like tone as he kept his eyes peeled to the happenings of the dim room, "but you're the one that should be afraid of getting caught, what with not only you're demon's prowling about, but mine aswell" spoke the Cynic with a face that seemed dead serious spare his slight grin.

"Once this is all over, and I'm nothing more than a memory, you'll be one with a tale to tell won't you, for my sake I hope you tell it well" finished Asael as a thought raced through his mind, "but all that aside, we should probably hold off all discussions of a plan until we regroup with the others, theres a chance they might be interested in it" spoke Asael as he sunk into deep thought.

Jaquard began climbing up the alley wall, then grasped onto it's ledge and pulled himself up next to the Acelle. The two assassins made their way to the location, Acelle leading the way and Jaq following. Both made small leaps as they moved from rooftop to rooftop.

Jaq knew this would be a good job. He was not only looking forward to seeing how the Professional fought, but also seeing Acelle, who had twice as much assassination experience as Jaq, in action. He was hoping to chat a little the girl, but she seemed very focused on the mission so he refrained from speaking for time being.

Eventually, the two of them had reached the tavern. Jaq and Acelle had decided to approach the building through a side entrance. Once they had quietly entered the tavern, Jaq could see a man fitting Blackwood's description to a tee. Before he could act, Acelle spoke.

"You aren't running away this time Warees." She said.

(Kain, Amphira)

Thoughts nagged on Kain's mind about the situation. Strange he got himself involved in a situation like this when he just wanted money for a better life. Nothing could be done about that dream as he,Marco, and Velen wandered Amphira looking for some information to assist Lorel. Marco took lead as he was best in information gathering. Though they listened on conversations and at least learned the faction names they could figure out nothing that could help Lorel until they caught the Flame Hawks on their spree.

Marco saw them carry a man out of a building and assumed they were one of the factions causing the trouble. Marco lead the others to follow behind as they carried the man into the middle of the street. It didn't seem as though the two Flame Hawk members even cared about their public spectacle. No bystander gave any motion to step in but Marco gestured the others to watch the situation unfold for now.

"So you must be the man we heard about. We don't appreciate assault friend, especially on good samaritans such as that man you hit." One member of the duo said to the man who was in protest, "But he would've killed that man if I'd not intervened!" The duo looked at him calmly, "He was assisting in purging Amphira and you interfered and for that we can't have you around. You will die." Kain made a movement to stop them but Marco held him back and whispered, "Don't. We don't know how skilled they fight or whether there's more around. There's nothing you can do for that man and I'm sorry, but we'll ask around when the crowd disperses what's the situation." Kain looked away as the man was beheaded.

The duo gathered around and announced, "If any men wish to join us in purging these streets we're looking for members. You'll be highly rewarded and will assist in cleaning the streets of vermin like this. If you're interested you know where to find us." The duo left the body and ventured off while the crowd dispersed and the body was looted. Kain turned to Marco and Velen, "I think we should head back now, I think I know what we should do next." The three headed back to where they departed from Lorel and his group.

The scene in the tavern was more on par with that of bomb detonation to simple fight, the establishment wrecked to a degree normally impossible for a single man to achieve without the aid of magic or explosive ordinance. The bodies of the men who had previously stormed in were the first thing to be found, strewn about all across the room where they met their demise, some sprawled over tables and others over the counter or thrown into broken cabinets, all of which mangled beyond recognition, few of which still attached to all their limbs. In front of the counter, positioned next to the corpse of the captain, Warees was to be found, sipping a glass of wine he poured whilst treating himself to facilities of the abandon inn. He was very much indulging himself like had planned before he had his meal interrupted, but, unfortunately for him, fate had other intentions that got in the way of his night of refreshment.

"You aren't running away this time Warees." Another, more feminine voice said, this time coming from the side door, much to his disappointment. He turned his head slightly, not dropping his wine glass, towards the direction of the noise, spotting two individuals both sporting daggers.

Warees cocked an eyebrow as he stared down the woman, taking a swig of his drink before responding to her. "I'm really fuckin' sorry, but who the hell are you and who the fuck is that guy?"

The three of them got up and went outside, looking about; they began to walk back to their original spot. By this time, the rain had stopped, and sky was starting to clear. When they reached the spot they saw Marco's group arriving back. Lorel immediately asked Velen "You guys find anything?"

Velen crossed his arms. "Saw some Flame Hawks kill a man and then say they're recruiting. You guys have any other luck?"

"We discovered that both of them are from the South, City Ruins, but for their reason for being up here, is still unknown."

A sudden shock came over Velen. "The South District City Ruins?"

"Yeah, what do you know more about it? I never learned much of it," He spoke shrugging.

"I've been there before, nasty place, got stuck there for a couple of years. It was horrible, constant killings, factions waging wars that they forgot the reason for, plagues, the whole nine yards. The City ruins are the worst place, more so then Eren Douab."

"Worse than Eren Douab, is that even possible?" Spoke Itsuka.


Upper District - Ana'sha province.

"Why do you look so dreary, Malina?" spoke Ana'sha softly to her daughter.

"It's so unfair mother! Why did Lorel have to be kicked out? I swear he was coming around," Malina stood up with her fierce eyes.

A voice in the background began to laugh in the hallway and her older brother strolled out. "Lorel, you still thinking of that traitor? Na´ve love. Mother you must find her another."

"With us being part of the Nobles now, you both will have many waiting upon you. But I digress, you mustn't take it to heart Malina, Lorel is now a wonderer, an outcast, there is nothing you should want from him anymore."

A grin went over her brother's face. "Many waiting upon me, eh..?"

Malina shot him a look. "Don't be such a pervert."

The grin turned into a frown, but he didn't take the blatant bait to get into an argument. Malina was almost impressed he didn't, because normally he did, and then there mother would have to intervene. "When will father be home?" Asked Malina.

"Not to later tonight. Now go to your room and do the rest of your school work."

The daughter decided it was best not to argue with her, as she always would lose, so she simply walked out and up the stairs to her room and closed the door behind her. Alone in her room, she fell onto her bed, and then rolled over to look at her roof. It was a blank and simple white roof with no special features. Her room was also nothing special, just white walls, with a mirror, dresser, bed, and a desk to do work on. Getting up reluctantly she went over to her desk, pulled the chair out and sat in it.

She began to write her school essay about the history of Upper District, as if the district wasn't already so self-indulged. Her mind wandered; almost wishing she could have gone with Lorel so then out there they could grow closer. It was odd; she didn't feel this way about anyone else but him. Slowly as she worked, her eyes began to close and close until they remained shutting for the next couple of hours.

Curtis sighed, his armoured hand scratching his stomach, he was bored. He'd spent the past few days babysitting a merchant from the Middle District, as he went about his business. Granted the pay was good but damn he wanted a fight, if for nothing else than to give himself something to do.

The merchant had come to D. 25, a poor district south of the Middle, to do some deal with what appeared to be smugglers. "Hey, you!" The merchant called, his deals done. "Get me back to the Middle, and I'll pay you out." Curtis stood, stretching "All right lets go then."

A short while later they were standing 'safely' in the Middle Markets. "Now then, I guess you want your money." The merchant sneered. This big lummox probably can't even remember his own name, this'll be easy. "Now then with deductions for the merchant, and bodyguard guilds, the Middle District entry fee, oh and accommodations, I owe you six Keil."

Curtis shook his head and sighed again. Here I was hoping he'd be smarter than that. Looking down at the merchant, he said. "Well we seem to have a problem then, you promised me twenty Keil for the job. We both know that there are no bodyguard guilds in any of the districts, and that you are no member of the Merchant Guild. Add to that the fact that there are no entry fees, unless you get mugged at the borders, and that I paid for my rooms out of my own pocket. I get the distinct impression that you are trying to cheat me." Placing a hand heavily on the smaller mans shoulder; he looked him square in the eyes. "That would not be a good idea."

The entire colour drained from the merchants face. ", h-how 'bout I waive all that, and give you a bonus? Does thirty Keil sound okay to you?" He stammered, holding out the coins. Curtis stood there impassively watching the other man nearly soil himself, then he grinned. "I think we have a deal. You're ever in need of protection again, don't hesitate to look me up!" He declared, snatching up the coins, and moving off towards home.

"Can't remember? I'm sure you will, even if its the moment before we kill you" spoke Acelle, venom literally dripping from her voice. As she spoke, the assassin repositioned, slowly moving three meters to the left of Jaq, so that once th battle started, they'd be advancing on him from wildly different angles.

"I'm guessing these men were here to capture you? Dont worry, we have no such intentions" continued the assassin, not taking her eyes off of Warees for the moment, whilst drawing her right stiletto in a reverse grip, spinning it as she did so, whilst palming a smoke bomb in her left hand.

Acelle looked over to her right and nodded at Jaq, signaling that the attack would start on his mark and that she was prepared.

Jaquard prepared himself. He withdrew his hands behind his cloak, and began stroking the hilts of various bladed weapons he had hidden. Once he found the appropriate ones for the situation, he grasped onto them with his hands.

Jaq looked around at the carnage within the tavern. Bodies were ripped up and torn apart in a horrible bloody mess. "Did you kill all these men by yourself?" Jaq asked, looking at Warees. "I'm impressed."

The Professional paid little attention to the woman's remark, not due to disinterest, in truth he was found what she was saying to be oddly profound, but instead because he couldn't place a finger on who she was. He knew without a doubt they had met at one point, though under what circumstances the two encountered each other he was entirely baffled by. It was a question that he wanted to solve though, considering his current predicament, he would have to pursue an answer later. At this moment, he was running with an assumption of what happened between them, one that he thought made more than enough sense for her wanting to kill him.

I wonder, did I knock this dumb broad up a year ago or something? Yeah, that's got to be it, no way I fought her and she survived, no one gets away from me...

"Ah, so you two want to kill me as well, then?" Warees responded, practically falling off his seat as he tried to get up. He staggered forward, lost in a drunken stupor, stumbling about as he attempted to remain both awake and coordinated whilst under the influence of a night's worth of drinks. "Alright, stop making me wait either attack me or leave, don't waste my fucking time with talk."

His hand grasped the handle of his blade drawing and, while attempting to arm himself, accidentally tossed his weapon behind him. The sword landed towards the entrance of the tavern, atop a body of a slain guard, too far away for him to reach without leaving himself upon to an attack. "Oh, damn this evening to the furthest depths of the underworld..."

He glared backwards towards his sword, then down at his hands, deciding that old-fashion bare-knuckle brawling would suffice provided he didn't hold back from fighting dirty. He positioned himself in a disorganized fighting stance, one hand in front of the other as he prepared to punch whomever attacked him first, smiling to himself. "Do me a fucking favor and be more of a challenge than the slain guards you see before me, alright?"

"He's trying to get us to underestimate him, dont fall for it" instructed Acelle sternly, before she threw the smokebomb to the ground infront of her, where it exploded in a cloud of white smoke with a crack. The smoke quickly filled the small space of the tavern and soon, it was nigh impossible for one to see more than a meter infront of them.

Immediately after she lost sight of Warees, who she'd been holding eye-contact with the whole time, she dived further to the left of Jaq, coming to her feet in a smooth roll, before she quickly closed the distance between her and Warees, using a downed table to kick-off from, so that she was flying towards Warees, daggers in both hands and ready.

It had begun and Acelle sure as hell wouldn't be letting Warees walk away this time.

After Acelle dropped her smokebomb, Jaquard made his move. He began running through he smoke towards where Warees would be.

The assassin still had not drawn his blades, but kept his hands clasped tightly on their hilts. He continued his approach, ready to viciously attack Warees as soon as Acelle struck the pirate.

A thunderous boom echoed throughout the ruined tavern as the smoke grenade detonated, the sudden shock of the blast causing Warees to jump backwards in fright. He was dazed, unaware of what had happened and unable to see through the thick haze of white smoke, though his senses and instinct remained as keen as ever. "Now this, assassins, is what I fucking live for..."

It was from the corner of his vision he saw the vague outlines of two figures, little more than blurs in the smoke, rushing towards him. He had little time to prepare himself for their attacks, though knew fending them off wouldn't be too difficult.

The first figure, the woman with daggers drawn, quickly dove at him, her blades ready to rend his flesh. He made little effort to dodge the attack and, instead, decided to use Acelle's own momentum against her. She was half-way through her dive when Warees himself lunged forward, driving his elbow into her chest and throwing her off of him in one swift motion, though, in the process, allowing one of the blades to graze his cheek, coming too close to his eyes for comfort.

The second figure, the man who had entered at the same time as the girl, charged at him through the cover of smoke, his movements covered yet never the less predicable. Warees figured he could do a lot more damage on this one considering he was in a better position to counter attack with an improvised weapon, perhaps enough to even kill him if struck hard enough. Warees wasted no time to act upon this opportunity, his hand flying over his belt and detaching his sheath, followed by swinging the leather sword case with force akin to a sledgehammer. The man would either fall back, giving him time to swing once again, or risk being struck by his attack.

Jaq was surprised to see his target coming at him with a blade's sheath. Warees swung the scabbard at the young assassin, who pulled himself away to avoid the blow. Jaq's hood flew back as he did, revealing his face.

Reacting quickly, Jaq pulled out a knife form his robes with his right hand and flung it at his foe. With the other he drew a bastard sword, which he slashed out in front of him.

Warees' eyes widened as he saw the dagger flying towards him, though showed little emotion other than that, his only effort to dodge the projectile blade being a slight movement to the left. It shot past his face, missing by an inch, his smile growing slightly as he watched it fly by and stick into the wall behind him alongside the knife he had thrown earlier.

He was surprised and, for a moment, caught off guard, Jaq's longsword already close to cleaving into him before the pirate even noticed. Warees' was quick to react, however, deflecting the blade with his armored bracer as he raised his arm at the last instant, the weapon partially embedded into the leather segments of his raiment, though fortunately prevented from sinking into his arm due to the steel plate that lied beneath.

The Professional stared at the assassin, whom at this moment was close enough to jab him in the stomach with his scabbard, though refrained from doing so in favor of using this moment of physical closeness to say something. "You know, you never told me who the hell you two were, I'd kinda appreciate to know the name of duo so intent on killing me..."

(Kain, Amphira)

"Why they're here shouldn't be our top concern at the moment. What we should do is find out how to fight them better then just hitting them head on." Kain preached in between talks of the South District Ruins, "We're six men, we need to be deceptive and strike from the inside in my opinion. I think we should infiltrate both groups as maybe you three already thought of in our absence." Kain finished his word of advice and Marco gave out his, "Did you find out about the other group's motives? Maybe we can find out which in the group would be most suitable for this." Marco still had doubts about this whole thing and was weary in completely offering aid.

"Well Asael said he was going to pose as a mercenary. As for me, I don't know. Sure Velen could pass off as one. As for me and Itsuka, not so much. We don't know their opinions on mages, so I can't really be sure if they would either accept us, or outright attack us. Velen do you know?" Lorel told the group, taking a breath after he finished.

"Mages are a mixed thing in the South. Some embrace them fully, others... Outright pledge to kill them. Mage Hunters have a huge influence over South, despite their base being in the Middle," answered Velen.

Itsuka joined in "The south sounds like the opposite of the North, which is almost completely Pro-Mages. Despite Mages being heavily outnumbered, they have most of the higher power positions in major districts. Northern Mages have made the North a much better place to live then the middle and south, despite the regular belief here that mages cause much trouble. But back on topic..."

"Yeah, I guess you four could get in, and me and Itsuka could wait and you call us in when you need help or if you discover if they're pro-mages or not."

As he walked, Curtis hummed quietly to himself. Damn, it's nice to have some cash. I think I'll hit The Noose on my way home and grab a pint. He thought.

Ducking through an alley, to shorten his trip, he noticed two figures following him. Just before he made it out, his exit was blocked by an ugly little man holding a sword. "Hey there friend," said the little man, resting the blade on his shoulder. "I do believe you owe us some money." "How so?" Curtis replied, already knowing the answer. "I don't borrow money from anyone, it's a bad habit to get into."

The little man grinned. "Well look at this we got a funny one here don't ya think boys?" The other two chuckled, as they drew knives from their belts. "No friend, what you owe us for, is for crossing on to our turf. Now if you pay up you can be on your way." Hearing this Curtis burst out laughing, the sound booming up and down the alley. "Oh, thats rich short stuff. I know for a fact that this is Black Heart territory, and they know better than to try and roll me, hell a pipsqueak like you probably wouldn't have even tried anything if you didn't have help."

Curtis heard a sharp hiss of breath form one of the goons behind him, and watched as the man in front turned various shades of red. Apparently he didn't like short jokes. He smiled to himself. Get someone angry enough and they'll come at you stupid, it makes them easier to kill.

Acelle sailed through the air, propelled dangerously fast by the strength of Warees' throw towards a hard wooden beam. The assassin had to contort her body uncomfortably in the air to avoid it, moments later she slammed into the ground with a thud and slid across the wooden floor for a few moments before Acelle acrobatically used her momentum to spring to her feet.

The assassin stopped her self from foolishly charging back at Warees and took a moment to look at her right blade, which to her satisfaction, was speckled with blood. Not nearly enough though.

Deciding that charging Warees was not the smart way to go about things, Acelle began to calmly walk up to Warees, until she stood a mere two meters from him, blades clutched in both hands.

"You know, you never told me who the hell you two were, I'd kinda appreciate to know the name of duo so intent on killing me..."

"If you haven't figured that out yet you've either got more enemies than you should, or your just stupid, I'm guessing both. Now, leave the boy, me, you and the Red Stain have unfinished business"

As she spoke, Acelle settled into a fighting stance and began to twirl her blades. Her body was poised to both strike Warees if he came at her, or dodge whatever dirty, underhanded tricks he might employ against her.

Asael listened in on Lorel and Itsuka's description of the south, it brought about buried anxieties that he had long thought forgotten, or at least wished they were, "the south sounds like a cheery place" said the Cynic in a almost drained tone before regaining his composure.

"Moving on, I believe we have enough people to infiltrate these Factions" stated Asael as he looked at his Acqauintances, "I could easily get in alone, but I won't say no to a partner if their willing to help me connive my way into the Flame Hawks" spoke Asael with a cold and calculating demeanor.

"I suggest we work in pairs"

"Who would go with whom? Kain and Marco, and then Velen and Asael? You guys decide." Lorel spoke standing back away from the group, as did Itsuka. Though a feel came over Itsuka, something she hadn't been acknowledging since they got out of the sewers. An odd feeling that someone was watching them, she turned, and Lorel wondered why so he looked.

"Come out, I can sense you there!" Itsuka spoke, everyone looked at her.

Damien stepped forward, his sword gripped loosely in his hand and a look of extreme boredom on his face. He made no sign to attack the others, but he wasn't going to greet a group of strangers with no defense.

"You have a gift if you can sense me." Damien said smoothly, sizing up those who were now staring at him.

As the little man frothed and raged, Curtis readied himself to fight. Moving slowly, as to not disturb the cloak he had drawn about him, he shifted his left arm to ward of the inevitable attack from the man in front. At the same time he slipped his other hand down to his axe, ready to draw it at a moments notice, while his feet shifted to a fighting stance.

"KILL THAT SONUVABITCH!!!" The leader of the trio screamed, as he charged. The other two hesitated for a second, but that was all Curtis really needed. His plate sized armoured hand lashed out, catching the small man by the wrist, and breaking it. With a heave he lifted his attacker off the ground and hurled him into a wall, where he lay, blood trickling out his ears.

The two others rushed Curtis, as he turned to meet them, axe drawn. He swung his axe in a broad sweep intending to scatter them. One man dove aside to avoid the blow, but much to Curtis' surprise the other rolled under the attack, and lashed out with his knife catching him across the stomach.

Curtis let out a bit of a yelp as the blade met flesh, but fortunatly the wound was fairly shallow. His left hand lashed out, catching the other man in the shoulder, knocking him off balance. He'd just enough time to regain his footing when Curtis' axe swung around and buried itself deep into the base of his neck.

With a tug, the axe came free causing the dying man's blood to spray about the alley. He fell to the street, twitching like a fish out of water then lay still, blood pooling about his body. The other attacker, who had stunned himself on an old crate when he'd dodged Curtis' axe, came to just in time to see his friend die. In an instant the need to live took over and he bolted back the way he'd came.

Shifting his grip farther down the shaft, Curtis raised his arm, and let his axe fly. Seconds later there was a satisfying thunk and scream, as axe met runner. A few minutes later Curtis was back on his way to The Noose, ten Keil richer. Hmm, he thought. Maybe I'll have a pie as well.

The Cynic took a gander at his options, Velen The Warrior, Marco The Broker, and Kain The Thief, Asael took a minute to ponder before he made a suggestion, "Marco how would you feel about me borrowing Kain for a time, I could use someone with his skillset" stated Asael with a nonchalant demeanor, not especially caring who he got stuck with.

It was then that Itsuka adressed a stranger who stepped into sight, and it was then that Asael recognized the man approaching them, a familiar face popping up in a most peculiar place, "mr Whoever you are, so nice to see you and you're suspcious disposition again" greeted Asael with just the right amount of sarcasm.

The Professional, after hearing Acelle's comment, cocked an eyebrow, utterly dumbfounded by what the woman had just said. He had stop caring at this point what connection the two shared, truth be told, having given up trying after she continuously danced around his questions, annoying him to no end. His answer would, for the time being, have to wait, now his main priority was to not get slain in this pathetic excuse for a restaurant.

A sigh escaped his lungs as he averted his attention back to Jaq, kicking him back and removing the sword from his bracer. It was during his moment of freedom, with Jaq being pushed away and Acelle still out of striking range, that he took a moment to quickly survey his surroundings. The room he was in had the distinct smell of liquor coming from every conceivable angle, the hay flooring stained with cheap alcohol; the walls of the tavern illuminated by small oil lanterns, dimly glowing throughout the bar area. It didn't take long for him to realize the potential damage that could be done by utilizing the deadly combination of flame and accelerates so, within in an instant of noticing it, he dove sideways, nearing one of the walls and, whilst coming close to landing, struck a low hanging torch with his sheath, the flaming candle landing atop a pile of clustered straw dosed in rum, quickly bursting into an inferno.

He watched with a delighted glee as the fire shot out in plumes, following the liquor stains that were spread through out the bar, the room rapidly filling with orange flame just a moment after the lantern fell. Warees', surrounded by the fire, could only smile to himself as he watched the building go up in smoke. "Ah, this place always fucking makes me happy I'm still around..."

He chuckled weakly, then nonchalantly muttered "Well, let's see who runs this time, wench." and so he stood, amongst the flames, his eyes glaring at the girl, waiting for her to either to attack or flee.

'Fight fire with fire' thought Acelle to herself, as she stood amidst the building that was being rapidly consumed by fire and clogged by even more smoke, a small smile on her face as she looked around her, noticing a rather lonely looking bottle of what appeared to be rum on the floor between her and the fire that separated her and Warees, even better however, there appeared to be some left.

Acting as clumsy and coy as Warees, Acelle leant down slowly to pick up the bottle, keeping her eyes on her target all the while. When she stood back up, she had the bottle in her left hand.

"What a waste" began Acelle, looking at both the bottle she held infront of her and Warees.

"If you didn't have such a knack for trouble, I'm sure we'd make great friends, maybe eve-" cutting herself off mid-sentence, Acelle did a wide step forwards with her right foot and threw the rest of the rum in the bottle towards Warees and more importantly, the fire inbetween them.

The rum that splashed from the bottle ignited, in what from Warees' point of view, must have looked like dragon breath. After the flames stopped erupting towards the pirate however, he might have noticed that Acelle didn't stand before him anymore, instead, she was now a meter to his left, her cloak slightly singed front the fire and her right foot sailing towards him in a lightning fast round-house kick.

Wh...wha? Oh clart! It''s...What time is it?
Thaddeus looked over at his latest invention. Not a tiny piece of work, but useful. It displayed the accurate time no matter what motion occurred. The lack of weights made that easy, no swaying motion could stop that. The ropes snapped some time, though. That made it annoying. Sadly, the one thing the Tension Clock could not do was change time. He had overslept, and now had an hour to get to his meeting. Thaddeus lifted his head and opened his eyes, then realized his blueprints were stuck to his face. He peeled the design for the boiler off his face and sat up, but he hit his head on the low wooden beam.

"Etz tolk-il!" He said aloud. Thaddeus looked around his tiny workshop. the ceiling was low, the room only lit by a single lantern. Thaddeus looked at all of the papers lying around the room. Some of his best creations were made in the room. Just these last two, and he knew something good would come out of his work. Thaddeus looked down at his papers and noticed his drool had smudged some of his writing away.

The ink blotted in with the tan paper and his sketches and words were illegible. The thick water had ruined everything! Wait...did it? Why didn't he think of it earlier? Clouds are made when pressure changes and water has something to bond to. Thaddeus already had the smoke from the coal and the water he needed. Just change the pressure and you've got motion! Now, he just needed to figure out how to harness it. His father's ideas seemed a bit crazy. Using moving parts hardly seemed like a good idea. They would get jammed, and motion would not be conserved evenly. He filed his drawings, grabbed his bag and goggles, extinguished his lamp, and ducked out of his room. On the way out, Thaddeus accidentally skipped the first step coming out of his small room and started to tumble down the stairs. He landed on his side, inches away from the door that separated the stock room from the shop. That's the third time this week. I need to fix my steps...

Thaddeus pushed the wooden door open and stepped from the candle lit shadows of the workshop into the bright daylight where the customers were. Thaddeus was amazed the store managed to stay in business. All he did was tinker with inventions all day and fix carts, wires, and florescent tubes. Rabbit, his manager, went out all day to fix heating systems and the pipes under the roads. No matter, today was important. Thaddeus was to meet his first official benefactor, a friend of his father. The man was interested in the mechanical boiler Thaddeus had to offer. Thaddeus was supposed to be up all night finishing the design, and on top of that not being done, the schematics were soggy. No matter, though. Now that he had his inspiration, all Thaddeus had to do was design a pressure system by the end of the transport ride to the building.

That was another thing, the transportation. Thaddeus could make it all better. He would revolutionize the way The City thought of mechanics. To hell with Mages! Thaddeus would show them all. His father had been mad, trying to transmit energy through the air and insulated metal. With all the mana emitted by the Mages, that made anything impossible. Redford Thatch had though that electricity, the energy that powered the florescent lights, would be enough to power the whole City, but he was wrong. Thaddeus held his head high with determination as he walked out the door. All he needed was movement. Turn A, and B will move as well.

Jaq was kicked in the chest by his target, knocking him backwards. Just as the boy got ready to assault once again, he witness as Warees caused a pile of hay to catch fire. Suddenly the inside of the building was becoming engulfed with flames everywhere.

"Shit. This is not good." Jaq thought. Fighting inside of a burning building was a suicidal thing to do, no matter how skilled one was. Fire was unpredictable and one could die at any second if they accidentally stepped into the flames piece or if a burning wood were to fall over their head.

The assassin quickly made his way towards the nearest exit. If Warees was not killed within the tavern he would most definitely flee the building. Jaq would be waiting outside when he did, able to launch a surprise attack. As Jaq reached the door, he turned and saw that his partner was still standing in the middle of the room with Warees, throwing a container of liquor onto the ground and adding more fuel to the flames.

"Acelle, are you crazy?! Get out! The tavern's burning!" He shouted at her.

(Kain, Amphira)

Marco had no qualms about Asael's request and answered, "Of course you may, I don't think an old man like myself would've done any good regardless." Kain also had no objections for he was going to ask anyway. When Itsuka called out the man eavesdropping, it took Marco until Asael responded to recall who this man was. He greeted the man, "You're Damien Matthew are you not? Last I heard you were still in the Upper District, what are you doing all the way down here?"

A wide plume of liquid fire shot through the air towards Warees, the splash of burning booze spreading outwards to cover an area wide enough to prevent him from escaping the blast. The Professional could only watch in terror as the boiling, makeshift incendiary device flew towards him, a hand covering his face as to keep the jet of flame from scorching his face. He watched from between the cracks in his fingers as the bottle made contact with his torso, exploding into a hellish ball of flame, fire eating away at the edges of his vision as it erupted on contact with his armor.

He had little idea what happened next, but, somehow, he had escaped not just with his life, but mostly intact as well. His left hand was covered in burns, the leather glove covering it melted around his skin causing unrelenting pain, but not enough to have him writing in agony. He gazed upwards, half expecting to see Acelle hovering above him with a dagger in hand prepared to deliver the kill blow, but instead found himself in the alley way adjacent to the tavern, staring directly into a hole created by the force of his body being blown through the side of the wooden wall, Acelle standing amongst the flames, staring at him with a smirk on her face.

The hell, does she think I'm dead or something?

A piece of shattered mirror lied at his feet, which he gazed at without moving his body as to avoid drawing suspicion of him still being alive. His injuries, although he assumed it was simply his left hand that had been damaged, were in truth more severe than he could've anticipated. The armor on his right arm had almost been completely ripped to shreds, the chain-mail torn to bits and loosely hanging from his form, the skin around the segments that were taken off of him by the blast covered in countless burns and scars. A fresh wound had open over his left eye, gushing with blood, unable to see out of that eye due to the amount of fluid pouring from it. An agonizing pain shot from his chest, too, almost as if he had received a powerful kick there without him knowing.

He looked very much dead and, as he stared at his reflection, started to feel more and more like a ghost than a man. His body slumped backwards against the stone fence behind him and, as he descended, gazed up at the night sky above him, listening to the sound of soldiers closing in on his position. Warees' looked back into the tavern from the exit he had made himself, Acelle no longer standing there, likely having evacuated the premise under the assumption the pirate had finally met his death.

"Damn, she's fine..." He muttered to himself, chuckling weakly as he attempted to stand despite the pain that shot through his entire body every time he attempted to move. "If I meet her again under better terms, I'm going to treat that fuckin' bitch to a drink..."

And so, satisfied with how the night had went and please he managed to live another day, Warees' began to limp back towards the docks, taking his typical route of underground passageways and narrow alleys as to avoid capture by both the local guard and the two whom moments ago had almost killed him.

Heh, they think I'm dead, what a bunch of idiots...

Itsuka looked at the man. "I guess I do..."

Then she heard in the back from Marco. "You're Damien Matthew are you not? Last I heard you were still in the Upper District, what are you doing all the way down here?"

Damien Matthew? Itsuka recognized the name, just as Marco said, a mage from Upper District.

"Yeah, what are you doing all the way down here?"

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