The City RP (Fantasy) {Open, Started} PM me your Character Sheets.

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-Sorry, don't want a spot-

I'd like to have a go at this if that's ok?
I've done some RPing before on dedicated sites, not to much on the Escapist though.
Can I get a rain-check on the character sheet? I have an idea or two that needs a bit of thought.
I'll have one up later on or tomorrow?
And Just a quick query on The City, were you by any chance inspired by the Black Magician Trilogy?

Black Magician? Never read.

You could just have asked for a reserve instead of writing that.

So am I accepted or not?


This looks to be good, and I've had a break in RPs. I'll have a character sheet up sometime later tonight, when I'm not busy with schoolwork.


Magicians Guild? Novice etc? The City seems very much like that.

And Oh, Sorry about big post, like I said first time Escapist RPing XD
I have a sheet for you,

ARG Sorry Escapist ate my Post -_-

I would like to reserve.
Question, though. Is there room for a delicate mage girl? Or should I be a plain old vanilla human?

I would like to reserve.
Question, though. Is there room for a delicate mage girl? Or should I be a plain old vanilla human?

thats fine.


Magician guilds, which I didn't even mention (Upper Faction is rich and mages) and plus they're fairly common in lots of fantasy stories.

Also Novice..?


Also is my character acceptable or should I make some changes?

Fallen-Angel Risen-Demon:

Good, now join the usergroup.



Also is my character acceptable or should I make some changes?

Seems interesting, also your character is fine. I sent you a request to join the usergroup, even though you could have joined anyway. XD

Now my own character:

What are mage powers exactly? I kind of skimmed over it... They elemental or thaumaturgic or conjuration, etc.


What are mage powers exactly? I kind of skimmed over it... They elemental or thaumaturgic or conjuration, etc.

Magic is much like normal fantasy.

Also your character seems fine.

Can I have a spot in this? It sounds fun. I'm an RPing noob, though...

I'll probably repost with my char sheet in a few minutes.

Quick question: Can my character have a rivalry with one of the established factions and not be in a faction? So he angered them by acting against them or something...

I hope the sheet is okay, I can change it if Need be...

Hmm, never have done an RP on here before, this one looks interesting, though. Mind if I tenatively reserve a spot, and I'll get back to you as to whether or not my timetable will work out?

EDIT: Going to post a character sheet for the time being

Let me know if anything needs changing. Haven't written up a sheet like this in a while.

Can I have a spot in this? It sounds fun. I'm an RPing noob, though...

I'll probably repost with my char sheet in a few minutes.

Quick question: Can my character have a rivalry with one of the established factions and not be in a faction? So he angered them by acting against them or something...

your character can.


I hope the sheet is okay, I can change it if Need be...

sweetness, great character.

Hmm, never have done an RP on here before, this one looks interesting, though. Mind if I tenatively reserve a spot, and I'll get back to you as to whether or not my timetable will work out?

you can reserve a spot, also when the RP does start, this week, the rp won't close.

By the way, I was hoping that the part of the city where my character will spawn would be a steam-punk-like place. So is everything medieval, or can there be a little steam-punk?

i don't know:
By the way, I was hoping that the part of the city where my character will spawn would be a steam-punk-like place. So is everything medieval, or can there be a little steam-punk?

I guess their could be a bit of steam-punk, but very little.


Hmm, never have done an RP on here before, this one looks interesting, though. Mind if I tenatively reserve a spot, and I'll get back to you as to whether or not my timetable will work out?

you can reserve a spot, also when the RP does start, this week, the rp won't close.

Okay, thanks. I'll be posting a character sheet sometime tonight, and I'll know by tomorrow at the latest if I'll have any major scheduling conflicts that would make this hard to fit in.

RP HAS BEGUN! All people who have slots reserved or still want to join, PM me your character sheet!


Lorel, alone, walked through the streets of District Rell, in the Northern part of the City. Snow falling, pilling up upon the ground, people on the ground shivering, cold and alone. A typical scene within the city. Just mere months ago, he would have never seen this, back in Upper District. Though now he almost glad, out here he can see the corruption of Upper District and how they have caused the city to start to crumble. Since his banishment, going around the city, has been tough, watching his back at all time for Mage Hunters.

Walking with his head down, looking at the snow, a sudden wave of wind flew by him, knocking him over into the snow. He began to get himself up, rubbing his hair, getting the snow out. Looking forward he saw what had caused the wind. A man stood a bit away, covered in a white robe, and a hood that covers his whole head, with three lines cut through, allowing him to see.

Standing up completely, Lorel put out his arms, preparing to defend. Both they stood motionless and silent, and then the man broke the silence. "Lorel... Ion..? I presume?"

Lorel narrowed his eyebrows, and kept his eyes straight at the man. "Who are you?"

The man laughed, in his deep voice. "My name is Art'ul Aven, and I was hired to kill you, by Upper District."

"Upper District, those bastards! I guess they decided to not only banish me, but also send someone to kill me! You seemed to have had a good chance to kill me, why did you come out?"

Art'ul brought up his arm and wind began to swirl around his arm. "Because, a duel would be more fun-!" Striking out his arm the wind flew out at Lorel. Seeing it, he jumped to the side, and then conjured up a ball of fire and then threw it at the man as if a rock. The man then put his hands together forming a square shape, and then separated them diagonally, forming a magic shield. Once the fire hit the shield, it vanished with the flame.

Art'ul brought his arms back and then slammed them together; a large gust of wind flew out, making Lorel flying into the air and then back at the ground. Lorel put his hands on the ground, and ice began to form, and then rushed over to the feet of the man. Now that Art'ul is stuck, Lorel jumped back up, and then rushed over to the man with his arm burning on fire. With Lorel nearing, the man conjured wind at his hands and faced them to the ground. Just Art'ul brought back his arm, to get an even greater hit but then the man shot the wind and he went up into the air, breaking the ice's clutches.

Missing, Lorel jumped back, seeing the man descending to the ground with a wind attack. With a loud slam, the man hit the ground, the wind causing all of the snow into the air revealing the stone ground. Lorel made fire in front of him, melting the snow, then split the fire and moved it around the man. Though it was futile, the man just blew away the fire. Rapidly he began to shoot fire at Art'ul who began to swiftly dodge them. Over and over, attempts all futile... Lorel was fighting a losing battle.

His body began to ache, the magic flowing through his body began to slow, and causing spells to conjure slower. Art'ul on the other hand wasn't showing any sign of weakening. He ran over to Lorel, with wind around his arm, but Lorel, wasn't moving. Bringing his arm back, changing up his attack, then slammed against Lorel's head, causing him to fly and cough up blood into the air. Lying on his back on the ground, he couldn't move.

Lorel's vision began to become blurry and twist. Slowly Art'ul began to move towards him. Once at him, he put his foot on the neck of Lorel and he began to slowly lose breath. "Lorel- Lorel! That was an interesting fight. I thought that with you having been taught by Amelia would have been a better fighter. This battle was just pathetic, interesting moves, but pathetic execution! Well I guess I can, bring your head back on a platter..."

Art'ul brought a sword out and put his foot off his neck, moving to the side of him. Bringing up his sword, Lorel began to pray, that something or someone would save him. Suddenly just as he began to bring down his sword, a dagger flew out and sliced into the neck. The man staggered backwards and then ultimately falling over, dead. Lorel assumed to find someone coming up, but no one came, he was all alone.

His vision then blurred out and he was left in the middle of a street with snow piling upon him.

Falian Bishop was walking along the streets of the middle district. He was on a mission passed onto him by one of his superiors within the Red Stain. The contract was formed by the Steel Hearts and was fairly simple; kill a man who had been assisting the Upper District mages and make it look like the Osaian cult did it.

Falian was soon standing outside a large building, most likely used as a theater or something similar. Guarding it were three armed men, two at the doorway and one patrolling.

Now, how to approach this..." Falian thought to himself

He walked over to the patrolling guard.

"Excuse me sir, can I have a moment of your time?" he asked

The guard turned and approached Falian, who went behind a wall so the others wouldn't see.

"What is it?" he asked

"I noticed that you've got something on your face. See, it's right..."

Falian suddenly pulled out a curved knife and shoved it into the man's forehead.


The man dropped onto the ground, dead. Falian ran over to the other side and then yelled loudly.


The other two guards heard him and ran off from their posts. Falian snuck around a pile of crates and walked in through the doorway.

"Piece of cake."

Shiba unsheathed his two blades, his armour dimly glowing to the fire on his right. He let the fire blade fall into his right hand, it glowed a small amount, not being in combat the enchantment was dulled, making it so that he didn't burn down his house. The ice blade in his left was a glowed lightly blue. He flipped the blade, smiling as he did it, he had grown so used to these blades.

The roar of the crows split his ears, 'The doors must be opened.' he thought as he was still assaulted by the cheering. He started to walk forward, clanking with each step due to his armour. He had been told before he was going against a prisoner who had gone on a stealing spree a few times, and was not to be forgiven.

As he walked forward, he saw a bright light, eventually walking out in front of all the cheering crowds. He raised his arms in the crowd cheered wild. He looked forward, and a malnourished man was pushed out. He felt a little remorse for him, but quickly remembered that it was a fight to the death, and this was his job.

He sighed and walked forward, the man clutching a small knife with white knuckles. Shiba closed the gap quickly, it was a one sided fight. Shiba had armour, this man didn't. Shiba was practised in fighting, this man was not. He sighed once more as he slashed out, his blade bouncing off his armour, not even scratching it.

He raised his Crimson blade and swung it, cutting through the thief's blade like butter. He dropped his "Weapon" and cowered in fear. Shiba whispered to him, "Come on, get up. I get paid more if you put on a show. I'll promise I'll make the kill quick and donate some money to your family".
The man looked up, tears going down his face, "Really?" he sniffled out.
"Yes, Whats your name?" he asked.
"Jonah Righten" the thief answered.
"Good, they will get money. Now stand up, and fight me. Please?" he pleaded, not really wishing to kill this man for no reason

The thief grabbed his blade and swung at Shiba's face. He moved backwards, and with the side of the side blade knocked the blade out of his hand yet again, this time freezing his hand so he couldn't use it again. He dived for the blade with his left hand, but before he reached it, Shiba cut off his path, and lifted both blades. "Sorry" he said before making two large slashes across his back, forming an X shape along.

The whimpering from him stopped, and the crowd went ecstatic. It was hard to keep his fac ein check, but pumped his fist in the air for triumph.

Coins were thrown down to the ground, not too many but some were. He walked around, grabbed as much as he could and quickly exited the stage, making note of how much it was and the thiefs name, so he could deposit money to them.

Jack dashed through the crowded streets of some lower district slum. Shouts sounded from behind him. He briefly wondered who was after him this time, but a bolt of lightning, barely missing him, ansewered his question. The lightning bolt rebounded off some nearby walls and sped straight back at him. Jack grabbed a random commener from beside him and used the person as a human shield to absorb the lightning bolt, all without breaking stride. He flung the charred corpse back at his pursuers.

As he ran he pulled two cards off the deck at his hip. Ice spear and haste, not the worst draw but it would mean he had to go toe-to-toe with the Upper District agents. He ducked into a nearby ally and drew the power from the cards and slid them back into my deck. My arm started to glow as magic created the ice spear in my hand and the world around me began to slow down as haste came into effect.

I jumped out from the ally, plunging the spear into the chest of one of the agents, killing him instantly. I used the now dead agent as a spring board and used the momentum from the jump to pull the spear free. Jack swung the spear in a circle, sliting the throats of the other two agents. Jack landed softly and flung the spear aside. The bodies of the agents were still falling as he inspected them. Just regular agents using enchanted items. He breathed a sigh of relief. It meant that the Upper District wasn't too serious about hunting him down just yet. The same couldn't be said about some of the other factions.

Jack made a quick retreat into the ally. The fight might have attracted some unwanted attention. He made his way to the other end of the ally. He took a quick look out onto the street. No, too busy. He took a look round the ally, checking for anyway he could climb up onto the roof tops. He slumped against a wall after finding no convienent hand and foot holds. He would have to wait until nightfall.

Daryl woke with a start hand slapping to the package that he was to deliver to the upper district from the Steel Hearts, and then to his ever present short sword and collapsed hand crossbow. Daryl's mind glossed over the fact that he was unaware he was carrying weapons, including two concealed stilettos in sheaths on his forearms, with a practised flick of his wrists these stilettos would be released and drop into his hands.
Daryl was under the city actually, and had been for two days so far. The network of tunnels under The City were extensive, massive and mysterious. Daryl knew enough to know that there was no single map, or correct map for that matter of these tunnels and sewers. Nor did his clients know that Daryl used these routes to get between the walls of the districts.
"At least the package is small this time I can take the quick route." Daryl said to himself pleased.
"Must be careful this time, last time I was almost caught by a guard!"
Daryl quickly stopped talking to himself as he realised he was beginning to have conversations with himself again.
It was hard going through the underground systems and more than once Daryl had to hide as he heard thieves and scoundrels trying to find their way through this labyrinth.

Daryl couldn't afford to be caught this time, not with a package from the Steel Hearts, if he was caught with this package in the Upper Class District he'd be sent to the Colosseum for sure or just executed. As Daryl pressed himself against the wall, his black clothing hiding him in the shadows he felt the hard, cold pressure of an amulet against his chest, again Daryl's mind glossed over his awareness that this amulet was there. The person he was hiding from cursed, damn this and flame flickered into life in the Magicians hand. "Can you sense anyone's presence" the mage's partner asked.
Daryl stopped breathing, he couldn't believe this, Mage's in the tunnels!
"No, No-one is here master Viletti"
"Damn I was told that Steel Heart were having a package sent through here!" Viletti cursed.

At the sound of that name the fact that the Magician could not sense him with magic felt like the most normal thing in the world, and without knowing it Daryl lifted the hood of his cloak and his scarf over his mouth and nose.

Mage Viletti was His mark, He had been paid in advance as a member of Red Stain, but with a threat against His life if he failed, the Osaian were like that. It didn't matter He never failed.
He waited until the Mage with the fire in his hand was right in front of Him, with his back to Him. The Mage was no more than a foot away when, faster than lightning He shot out His hands breaking the Mage neck with no more effort than it would take to snap a twig.
He almost seemed to glide up the side of the brick wall to a medium sized crevice that was pitch black, by the time He had reached his position Viletti had just reached the Mage. "Fool, You never could be bothered to use detection magics properly. Viletti concentrated, as He aimed His Crossbow.
"But there's No..."*Snikt* Viletti was cut off as the bolt drove through his left temple and into his brain, killing him instantly. The amulet around his neck cloaking him from any and all magical detection.

He checked the bodies for anything useful and found nothing, then hid the bodies and made His way to the surface of the Upper District.

"Well I got through OK" Daryl said pleased, his Mind all ready blurring out the gap in his memory between hiding from the Mage and making it to the Upper Class.
"Looks like I'm gunna eat like a king tonight!"
The paycheck from the Steel Hearts was very generous.

"Gunna be a harsh winter."

"Always is in the North..."

Zavior overheard the Innkeeper talking with a patron, but he wasn't paying attention. He was focused on the small piece of paper lying on the bar. It had a red stain on it.

Zavior was looking for a way to find the Red Stain for a few weeks now. Inquiring about them at local pubs gave him nothing. He needed someone to contact them. Then he would follow whoever picked up the note. Zavior would wait all day if he had to. Fortunately, he didn't have to.

A man in a red and white cloak came in from the snow. He glanced at the counter and sat down at the bar in front of the note, blocking Zavior's view of the note. It didn't matter, if the man left and the note was gone, Zavior would follow him to the Red Stain.

The man got up after drinking a beer and shoved something into his pocket. Zavior got up an followed him outside, into the snow. It was snowing more than when Zavior entered the pub and a fresh layer of snow covered everything. Zavior spotted the man from the pub and followed him for a few minutes. Then the man darted into one of the many alleys. Zavior followed, but once he went into the alley, he lost the man. There were no fresh footprints. he turned to go back and try another alley, and was greeted by the man he was following.

"Looking for someone?" the man asked.

"In a way..." Zavior responded while drawing his shortsword. "I'm looking for the Red Stain. You will lead me to them." He motioned with the sword.

"Now, now, no need to get violent..." the man said while raising with his arm.

Several men in the street drew blades and started walking towards Zavior.

"Oh, great..." Zavior turned and ran down the alley.

Waking up, Lorel realized it has only been mere minutes, the blood from the man wasn't dry, and not much snow has piled on. His body was beginning to recover, and the magic began flow steadily. Eventually he was able to stand up. Looking over, the dagger was still logged in the neck of Art'ul, so he walked over and grabbed it out. It was a simple one, with no special characteristics except for a small signature were the blade meets the hilt, with the name, Velen. For a moment he thought but couldn't think of anyone he knew with the name Velen, though whoever they were, they saved his life.

He took the dagger and placed it on his belt, since it wasn't an official holster it wobbled around. Looking back at the corpse he searched it for any money, which to his luck, he found a small pouch of some. Then he decided it was best if the body wasn't found, so he put out his arm and lit the man on fire, then walked away. There was no one around to see, and anyone who came by could assume it was anyone. Continuing down the street he eventually got a bridge over a canal, of damp and dirty water and sickened him as he walked over. As he walked, he realized that there was still blood on his face and so he use his fire and ice magic to conjure up water and wiped it off.

Above, the sun was beginning to descend down towards the horizon, meaning it would be night in a few hours and he needed to find somewhere to sleep that he wouldn't freeze to death. At the end of the street, exited to a liver street with merchants and consumers. Walking by a store that sold apples, he threw a Ten Kiel, a coin based currency that the whole city uses. The old vendor obliged and threw him an apple which he easy caught and began biting into. Normally foods from vendors would be slightly old and rotten but this apple tasted fresh and felt good to eat.

If he is to survive, he would need to get a job. Looking around though he didn't see many people who needed workers. Then again, District Rell isn't known to be wealthy or a place to find a job; he had only come to Rell because it was on his way to Amara, an Upper Class District. Overhead he noticed a sign for an Inn called, the Rusty Blade. Looking inside the first floor was a bar but the second, third and fourth was all rooms. He walked inside, and a little bell rung. Many man and women looked over at him but then went back to what they were doing. A woman in a black and white maid outfit walked up to him.

"Are you here for the bar, room, or possibly both?" she spoke in a high pitched voice.

"Just a room."

He paid Thirty Kiel, for a single night. The money he had gotten from Art'ul was still plentiful. When he arrived at the room he was surprised, it wasn't as degraded as the rest of the District. He plopped onto the bed, put out the lights and fell asleep as the night began to arsie.

Kid walked through the middle district on his own, his bare feet freezing in the weather. He wrapped his arms around him to try and keep warm, but it didn't help much. People stared at him as he went, holding their valuables as they did obviously thinking that Kid would steal them. He noticed this and sighed, people were always this way around him. Nobody cared for a poor, homeless teen. When he was younger things were easier, he would get more pity from the people with money. Now though... Now he was met with prejudice and torment, getting ever hungrier. The last time he had ate was coming up to two weeks now, he had gotten some money for delivering a message. It had been only enough for one small meal, bread, cheese, some water. Not nearly enough for a boy his age.

Two men approached Kid, they had some leather armor and a sword each. "What have you stolen boy?" Kid gulped. "N... Nothing sirs, I'm just trying to find some shelter." The men laughed. "Oh, is that so? Then what's that bag you have with you got in it then." Kid moved it away from them. "Just some stuff... Nothing special... I promise!" One of them grabbed one of Kid's arms. "Now, as if we're gonna believe that obvious lie. Give it us or else." Kid clenched his fist. "No!" His defiance was met with a strong punch to his cheek, knocking him back. "Give us the bag!" Kid attached his bag to his side and raised his fists. "No..." The men looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Who does he think he is?! He thinks he can take us?! Ha, what a laugh..." Kid remained in his position and they eventually stopped. "He's serious?" One of them ran up and gabbed Kid by his neck, pushing him into an alley. Kid managed to push him off and deliver a punch, which seemed to do nothing. The man who had grabbed him headbutted Kid, knocking him back and making him grab his head. The other man walked up to him, clenching his fists. He gave Kid a swift punch to the stomach and he fell to the floor. They picked up the bag and walked off, laughing.

Kid stood up. "Don't... Take... MY BAG!!!" His eyes turned a blood red and the men turned around, about to laugh. Then they saw his eyes. "What the hell?" Kid ran up and punched one in the face, sending him directly to the floor. "NOBODY TAKES MY BAG!!!" The other man drew his sword and slashed downwards onto Kid. Kid grabbed it at the sides and ripped it from the man's hand. "YOU THINK YOU CAN PREY ON THE DEFENSELESS DO YOU?! WELL I'M NOT DEFENSELESS!" He headbutted the man on the forehead, knocking him down. He stomped on his face several times before turning to the other man who was just starting to sit up. He ran and kicked him back down, then picked up his bag. His eyes returned to normal and he wiped his hands. "Don't touch my stuff..." He began climbing the building. "Please don't touch my stuff..." He reached a hole in the wall where he could just barely fit and crawled in, preparing himself for some much needed sleep. "Please..."

Damien awoke to darkness and the smell of paper and noticed that it was only dark because he had fallen asleep with a book covering his eyes. He pulled the book away and blinked to clear his eyes of the sudden brightness that filled the room. Damien saw that his balcony door was open, and it was letting in a rather cold draft that had woken Damien out of his little nap. Damien stood up and walked over to the balcony door, looking outside to see chaos and disorder in the streets below before closing the door and going to grab his cloak.

Damien threw on his cloak and looked over to the table were his sword lay, a blade made in the finest smithy in the entire city. It was made of a nearly unbreakable metal, and could be enchanted with any type of magic Damien could think of. Damien walked over and tied the sword to his back, making sure it was nice and tight, and wouldn't fall off while he was walking through the town. Damien walked over to his cabinet and grabbed a pair of black gloves, that would keep his hands warm while walking through the town, before descending from his tower room and to the ground floor of the Mages guild.

He met many servants and apprentices on his way down, but only briefly shared a glance at Amelia whom he had been studying new magics with for quite some time now. Damien thought nothing of it, and continued out into the city through two enormous doors that stood facing the main entrance into the middle district. Damien walked out into the cold, throwing up his hood and feeling the tug as his cape billowed up and into the wind. His Mages symbol was stitched into the cape, and on his cloak, so he could not hide the fact that he was a mage. People scurried out of his path wherever he walked, making sure to stay a good distance away, as if he was going to start shooting lightning bolts at them any second. Damien was of course not going to shoot lightning at him, instead he began heading to the inn nearest to him, a place known as The Dragon's Tooth, an inn known for the head of a creature that was now extinct, hanging above the door. Damien walked inside and sat down at a far table, a barmaid walking over to him quickly and taking his order of a mug of ale before running off to the bar again.

Does no one understand the burden that we bear? Can they not see the pain we must endure by being who we are, and yet the continue to run from us as if we are dangerous abominations who will kill them should they make the slightest mistake... Damien thought as the maid brought him his ale and fled before she could receive payment. He sighed, and took a drink from the ale, placing his feet on the table and watching a local game of cards, waiting for something interesting to happen.

He often came here, and most people accepted him instead of shunned him for being a mage now. They knew that he was sympathetic to their cause, and they mostly just left him alone. Damien only came out here because the mages of the tower were too stuffy and always working to have any real fun, there were only a handful of mages who actually enjoyed having fun, and those mages were the mages Jason had been commanding to rid the city of evil only a year ago.

Ralin was waiting for a drink in the Red Steel Bar at District 14, the closest rebel district to the Upper district. A woman with ragged clothes walked towards him with a glass containing a greenish liquid. She also had a note for him.

"Hi, here's your drink and a note of some sort. I don't know who gave it to me but he said that he worked for RS and needed this to be delivered to you."

"Oh really? I wonder who that could be."

Ralin opened up the note.

"Your supplies are hidden near my house. To get there today you might need to go through a few guards, but I'm sure no one would notice a few missing men. There are lots of people near my house today because of a court-case going on, so it should be easy for you to not attract any attention. In exchange for these supplies, I need you to assassinate my co-worker. He's been harassing me for quite some time now and I need help to get rid of him.

Yours truly,

Olem Harbor"

Right, left, straight, left...

Zavior was taking a number of turns down random alleys in an attempt to lose the three Red Stain members after him. The man Zavior was following, Zavior calls him "The Courier," simply went on his way delivering the note from the bar. He probably thought the three guards can handle one pesky eighteen year old.

He was wrong.

Zavior noticed he wasn't losing his persuers. Looking around, he noticed they were just following his footprints in the snow, and he had to find a building to hide in fast. He kicked down the nearest door and went inside. The sun was setting and the abandoned tavern was very dark. Zavior quickly hid under a table, just as the three Red Stain guards entered.

"Think he's in here?" one of the guards asked.

"It's where the footprints go." another answered.

"Stop talking and spread out!"

The three guards began searching the tavern, but it was hard in the low light. One went in the kitchen, another upstairs, and the last wandered toward the tables where Zavior hid. Perfect he thought. When the guard turned his back, Zavior silently stood up and buried his dagger in the guard's neck. He slowly lowered the body, careful not to alert the other guards. Zavior slowly proceeded upstairs to take care of the guard there. However, the guard started back downstairs and saw Zavior.

"He's over here!" the guard yelled as he drew his blade.

He slashed at Zavior, but Zavior deflected the attack into the handrailing. Zavior stabbed the guard in the chest and ran back downstairs. The last guard grabbed him by the neck, causing him to drop his dagger, and tossed him across the bar.

Zavior got up only to be punched in the chest, sending him falling backwards into the kitchen. He stopped his fall with a chair. The final guard walked forward, clearly believing he can win. Zavior tossed the chair at him, drew his shortsword, and slashed at him. The guard deflected the chair, but was unprepared for the sword attack. It caught him across the chest. Zavior followed up with a stab, impaling the guard through the stomach.

"You can never win..." the guard muttered. "Whatever you are trying... the Red Stain will stop you..."

Zavior tilted his head while staring at the guard. "I'll take my chances." he said. He removed the blade and pushed the dying guard to the floor.

He searched the guards, but found nothing that helped him locate the Red Stain. The Courier he was following before was his only lead. Zavior wandered back onto the main street and noticed an inn called The Rusty Blade. It was getting dark and still snowing, so Zavior decided he would stay there for the night. He had 150 Kiel left, that should be enough for a few days. The chase and fight was enough excitement for one night. He rented a room and went to bed.

Daryl made it to his rendezvous without incident and handed over the package as discretely as possible.
"Did you come across any trouble on your way here?" The contact asked.
"No, no trouble at all, it was rather boring really." Daryl replied, which wasn't a lie as far as Daryl was aware nothing happened at all.
If the contact was surprised he didn't show it, not that Daryl would have noticed anyway.
"Tell me are you interested in becoming a member of the Steel Hearts?" the Contact asked.
Daryl blinked unsure how to reply, and began to feel his concentration slipping.
"Mem...member? Oh no mi Lord, I must respe...Respectably decline. I'm far to busy and the rats are always nibbling away at what I have." Daryl blinked again unsure of the meaning of what he just said.
"Forgive me mi Lord, I'm just a little tired you see, long long walk it was! I'm just a modest Courier I have no troubles with any of the Districts or Factions and I don't trouble myself with knowing what it is I'm Carrying I take, Deliver and receive payment, that's all! No offence intended mi Lord!"
The contact laughed. "How such an naïve fool as yourself has survived this long I will not know, here the 180 Kiel that was agreed on." The contact tossed Daryl the bag which he caught.
"But mi Lord the agreed sum was 220 Kiel!"
The contact sneered at Daryl. "No it was 180 or shall I report you to the guards for illegal businesses?"
Daryl shook his head, although naturally taller than the contact Daryls posture made him appear much smaller. "No-no need mi Lord I'll be going now" and with that Daryl fled.
There was a feeling in Daryls chest that he could not identify, and he ignored it was there and carried on, now he had his payment he was going to go stuff himself full of food.

Daryl found himself outside a Inn called the "Dragons Tooth" "Wonder if the food good here? And the Ale?" Daryl wondered allowed.
"No I don't drink Ale, makes me bad. The tea, tea must be good" Daryl blinked and silently scolded himself for conversing with himself again. Inside he sat at a table near a lone man in a black cape, it didn't occur to Daryl that this man was a mage. Or that people were looking at him as if he were mad. The maid came up to him. "Can I help you sir?" she asked looking down her nose at him.
Though not untidy in his dress, Daryls messy hair and stubble along with the slight tarnish of this clothes made it obvious he did not belong in the Upper District. "Your Daily special please mi Lovely and a pot of spiced tea!"
The Maid looked slightly outraged at being called 'mi Lovely' but she held her temper.
"Todays special is chicken Casserole, I'll get your tea that'll be 20 Kief"
"20 Keif! That's outrageous!"
"It's high quality Chicken sir, fresh too"
"oh, um...very well here you are"
The maid looked stunned but went to get Daryls Tea anyway as Daryl battled with that strange feeling again.

Damien noticed a man sitting down at a table nearby, whereas the rest of the inn had moved at least two tables away when Damien had taken his table. The man didn't seem at all disturbed that Damien was a mage, or maybe he didn't realize this. Damien went back to his ale, taking another sip before walking over to the other mans table and taking a seat.

"I hope you don't mind, sitting alone can be rather boring. Let me be the first to introduce myself, my name is Damien Matthews, a mage from the Upper District. Who might you be?" Damien asked, taking another sip of ale and looking at the man across from him.

Dayrl almost seemed to spasm with surprise when the man sat next to him, a mage....a mage? An odd feeling came over Daryl as Damien Matthews introduced himself but quickly went away and Daryl forgot he ever had it.
"Oh, yea...yes mi Lord" Daryl shook his head in a sub-concious attempt to stop stammering, and his whole demeanour seemed to instantly change.
"Forgive me Damien?" Daryl started as if to ask permission to use the first name. "My name is Daryl, just Daryl I'm a courier of sorts, most reliable you could come across" Daryl winked as he finished his sentence and at that moment the maid came back looking all most horrified. Put down the pot of spiced tea and a mug, quickly leaving.
"Looks like I could have done with you being here when I was charged." Daryl said with some humour whilst pouring his tea.
"So, what brings a mage to the pub of all places?" Daryl asked taking a grateful sip.

"Ha, a good question. The others always have their noses in books and have no time for drinking or looking after you guys. What do you mean 'when you were charged'? I won't do anything, I swear, I'm just curious." Damien said, taking another sip of ale while looking around the inn at the people who were drinking and laughing to one another. He noticed a few worried glances over in his direction, but he ignored them for now, intrigued that this man was still staying here despite Damien being a mage.

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