Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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He makes pies.

Gave Mrs Lovett her human pie recipe.

Personally fashioned Mr. Todd's set of razors.

A mean green muther from outer-space.

Lord of orange juice.

Jack frost! O.O

first person to win at dwarf fortress

He has stood in many lines for bread.

Leader of the haircut rebellion!

Sentient Sand Controller!

he's santa's side-project...


vic rattlehead

Eddie the Head.

The deadliest warrior bunny.

The guy who caught em all.

The guy who reached Vegas. *Salutes.

the eternal laughing machine

Doesn't love enough!

he'll give hugs for food

Melty the snow man.

frosty the dirt-boy

One of them reindeer!

one of those fat guys in the red suits...

One these guys who like guys! O,..,O

a homophobe-phobe (a person who's secretly afraid of people who are secretly afraid of gays)


A tiny man who lives in my hair.

Lord of the dance.

lord of the thunder

Lord of yesterdays dinner!

A Spartan in Brighton...(!)

The flu! D=

The fever!

more cow-bell!

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