Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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The person who screams down hallways at my school.

bubblegum tate

A spokesperson for pinkeye medicine

Guitarist for The Presidents of the United States of America.

Slim goodbody...

The mascot for the Internet

Taco S taco.

Something I would most definitely have sex with.

Cole Phelp's Xbox Avatar

One of those Skeleton's from Skyrim who was fired from his dungeon haunting job and is now looking for work from career builder.com

The Hash-Slinging Slasher's baby


Tony Stark's bastard. You don't get to be commander of the wall. You just get to be a potential media embarrassment and controversy for a billionaire superhero business tycoon.

The wandering snowman on the John Lewis advert.

John Marston's older brother. He's much more fun to be at the brothel with

El Tacero! Meanest Taco in the west!

The Cat in the Hat's annoying younger brother

Second banana (er...Taco) to the Fajita!

An avid dog lover (no, not that kind... Perv)

A ninja who can't be spotted due to his Forum Hamster fueled invisibility cloak.

An evil tyrant who has strict laws on playing Pokemon!

A billionaire philanthropist playboy who likes to dress up like a cat and fight crime



The guy who dies in the beginning of skyrim. Little did the Imperials know, this "Lokir," This Taco-less taco, had the true power of the dragonborn. A power that was thought to be only the player characters. The ability to reload! He knew what was coming and so the second time around used a health potion and only pretended to die. In the chaos he was able to escape and swore to form a group of super powered individuals in order to overthrow all Empires and social orders... and make Tacos the official food stuff of the world! To complete his new identity and to provide a rallying point for his goals, he used dark magics to become The personification of evil Tacos everywhere.

The clown from IT!

The one who will become the end of us all D:

Captcha: No time to explain

For once, we agree Captcha.

Lord of all things Cupcake related.

The scientist who engineered Team Rocket's meowth... To sabotage their plans!
That whole love story learning to talk by saying She sells seashells by the seashore thing was a fabrication! A cover story!

Some day the information his agent has gathered will allow him to take over the organization for himself. Then no one will stop the newly titled Team Redlin from World domination, especially not some stupid Raccoon sized lightning mouse and his owner.

Conspiracy theorist.

A speechless supervillain who is baffled as to how I discovered his plans

An ice cream man's love child with IT.

One of the cowboys from Brokeback mountain...

One of the cowboys from Brokeback mountain...

But I'm the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest, hootinest cowboy in the wild wild west.

The inspiration for Woody from Toy Story

The inspiration for stand and still taco shells.

Inventor of Swiss Cheese.

My neighbor's dog's cousin's owner.

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