Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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She's an epic writer destined for epicnees in the world deprived of epiccal stuff. o.O

He's a suave amnesiac Green Beret in drag.

He's a vocal transvestite with a talent for mimicking Britney Spears and Madonna.

At the same time.

He's an old-fashioned native American librarian plagued by the memory of his family's brutal murder.

He's a real fox that uses Firefox to browse. ironically.

Of course, you caught me. ^_^

She's a hard-bitten foul-mouthed bodyguard with the soul of a mighty warrior.

He's the reincarnation of the God-Emperor of Man!

He's an oversexed overambitious rock star with no name.

He's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.

Which makes us absolutely nothing.

He's a world-famous moralistic barbarian moving from town to town, helping folk in trouble.

He's the Captcha Fairy!

He's a deeply religious crooked sorceror who hides his scarred face behind a mask

He's the world champion in bog diving.

He's a sword-wielding guerilla matador living undercover at Ringling Bros. Circus.

He's a superclone made from all the most active posters on this forum in an attempt to create the fabled ‹berposter.

He's an oversexed neurotic cowboy on a search for his missing sister.

Who knew you were so many diverse entertaining things? ^_^

He's a generic extra, with no backstory whatsoever.

He's an ungodly amnesiac hairdresser on a who's getting too old for this shit.

He's definitely not the guy who's had every second post on this page so far. Not at all.

He's a time-tossed umbrella-wielding nanny on the run. Who's also observant of my posting habits. >.>

He's a caramel tycoon, who's highly self conscious of his posting habits.

He's a scarfaced misogynist filmmaker trapped in a world he never made.

He's the lost Olympian god of siestas, who got kicked out of olympus for snoring.

He's a suicidal coffee-fuelled vagrant who believes he can never love again

He's the reanimated body of H.P. Lovecraft, brought back to help us fight the Eldritch Horrors.

He's a maverick hunchbacked senator fleeing from a secret government program.

He's the ultimate chatbot, for which the Escapist forums were set up to help evolve.

He's a one-legged sweet-toothed acrobat from a doomed world.

He's the aforementioned doomed world, which, in a shocking twist, turns out to not be doomed!

He's a globe-trotting drug-addicted astronaut who knows the secret of the alien invasion.

He is the ultimate mystery.

He's a lounge-singing vegetarian photographer on the run from himself.

He's a maverick car salesman on the run for elite agents of the New World Order.

Doesn't he write material for Lewis Black?

No, he's the one chasing after you, Mister Bond.

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