Who is the above Escapist... In real life?

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The prince of Nairobi

Buzz Killington.

A dog that disguses himself as a human.

The ghost of Christmas past.

Someone who should ask if I can eat the ghost of Christmas past's planet for me.

Someone who really wants to eat my planet, even though it's spicy and will probably make him sick.

Some guy on the internet

A resistance fighter against tacos!

The crazy guy who shoots everyone with his nerf gun.

A victim of my many nerf gun shootings!

That guy that went nuts and shot up the school with Nerf guns and was punished for vandalism, condemned to clean the little foam bullets off the halls.

The dude who glued shut the lock of the door to my Spanish class on the day of the final exam, saving my grade for the class.

The guy who took my umbrella! >:(

Is the finest umbrella salesman on this side of the Mississippi!

Shock value.

Is a private investigator for the local library.

The nazi who cried wolf.

The wolf who ate the boy at the end of the story.

Oh, you know.. That one sidekick of the villain who lived in the sewers. You know who I mean!

A football team groupie.

A grave robber.

A toy that comes to life. =O

Is Booolo Santoooosi


A plumber.

Yahtzee's secret account

The implacable man.

T0ad 0f Truth:
Yahtzee's secret account

What an honor!

@silent: My cousin's third mom.

My brain.


Santa Claus, hooked up into a computer due to being too old to retain his physical body.

Just another Forum Games goer who just happens to be the demigod of Forum Games.

The man who plans to summon the god of lost keys and disappearing left socks.

The reincarnation of Cthulu who is benevolent in this form.

The reincarnation of my friend's cat.

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