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Never seen any ST... >.>

Burn him or absolve?

pyramid head grape:
Never seen any ST... >.>

Burn him or absolve?

Burn the heretic!!
Watch Star Trek now? Yes or yes?


Blaming Kross or upgrading your computer?

Always blame Kross.

Waste the first day of the year or do something?

spend it on The Escapist!

Diablo 2 or 3?

Cheesecake. All other cakes are inferior in comparison. /loves cheesecake.

Coughing or Sneezing?

Cheesecake was sent by the gods! O3O

Rolling or flipping?

Light off! Ninja inbound! :D

Lava or magma?

Magma, more fun to say.

Try to run or go quietly

Western or Eastern?

It's both breads in one

Upside-down! :D

Strawberry or grapes?

pyramid head grape:
It's both breads in one

Upside-down! :D

Strawberry or grapes?

Strawberry, none of that seedy seed business.
Did you see what I did thar? Yes or no?

Yus! :D

Nirvana? Yeah or Na?

Na, I never liked them but my dad is crazy about them >.>

monkey on a unicycle, funny or not funny?

Depends.. but I'll say "Funny".

Crunchy or crispy?

Edit: Crispy. Easier to chew than crunchy things.

Sand or Snow?

Summer. Girls are usually in bikinis around that time.. not so much in the winter. That being said, it is harder to make a snowball in the summer than the winter.

Spinach or lettuce?


Pink or Red?

Pink! :D

Trolls. Ignore or kick?

neither, talk-back! they're funny as hell when they're stupid

dance or sing?

I'll take chocolate any day!

AMD or Intel? ;)


Germany or Austria?


Germany or Austria?

Germany, as I have family there.
Gregorian or Julian calendar?

Half full!

Linux or Mac?


Pfft or Pff?

Rain O3O

Good or evil?

I'll go with Evil.
Good is overrated.

Sci fi or Fantasy?


Tattoo or piercing?

tattoo, of course! piercings just dont look good to me, at all...

zebras: black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Black with white stripes.

Bacon and eggs or sausage and pancakes?

Sausage and pancakes!

Meat or veg?

pizza: vegetable or fruit?


pizza: vegetable or fruit?

Fruit, US congress is moronic, how could they even imagine vegetable? It's a fruit, duh!
Media Sandwich or Escapist Podcast?

Oh.. well I've never watch/listened to Media Sandwich, so Escapist Podcast please.

Pork ribs or pork chops?

Pork ribs... >.<

Spain or France?

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