Anti Flugzeug (a World War 2/Steampunk RP, open to all)

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Viking Incognito:
So can I join?

I'd say you can But I'll I'm afraid You might have to wait until the team arrives at dunkirk where you'll be the reinforcements

Okay, that's fine.

A chill went through Jaqui's spine as the lieutenants green eyes stared her down, had she read the reports right? had she been mistaken? why else would he have shot her down so badly?... she gulped, bowed her head a little.
"Right..." she replied with a sheepish tone, trying to retain the confidence she had only moments ago. She could feel the others eyes on her and her stomach began to churn, but she couldn't back out of the mission now... "Sir is there any other requirements we may need before we land?" she asked.

The morning sun began to rise the shores of Dunkirk were clearly visible
"Well we've arrived It's going to be long journey and likely on foot.
As for requirements, I just suggest you Follow me, I know where to go."
with that the Boat landed Brian put on his helmet it was old and had been dented. The back end of the boat opened up. as they got onto the the bunker was visible once inside they saw there were three men sitting by a table
"So your our reinforcements?"

Alison took off her aviator's cap and goggles and stashed it in her pocket as she hopped off the boat, careful not to get her feet wet. She shook her hair free and flicked it over her back while they walked, and as they got further from the cold winds whipping across the channel, she unbuttoned her jacket. She slipped past the lieutenant as he asked his superfluous question and decided to ask a much more important one. -Or at least, much more important to her- "So! I'm Flight Lieutenant Snow, or you could call me Alison, or Ali if you really want but I'd rather you didn't. I'm getting sidetracked. Which one of you is my wingman?"

Anders stood up and shook Snow's hand "Seargent Arthur Anders reporting ma'am an I'm sure we'll love working together!" he put on his hat "I'm not your wingman but I'm sure we'll have a time-an-a-half together. The Military is the first job that's kept me for more than a month, but I'm jolly good at it. Oh! and I think he's your wingman." he finished, gesturing at another sitting at the tanle.

Alison looked at the two seated at the table. "No he's not." She said, leaning over to shake hands. "No offence to the two of you, I don't think you'd be able to do much more than stall and panic." She glanced at the welding goggles and work gloves of the blonde man "You probably know your way around an engine though, so a pre-emptive thanks for the help you'll be giving me." she added, giving a mock curtsey then turned back to Anders. "Judging from your jacket you'll at least be in the air with me, so I expect one hundred and ten percent from you to keep my wings from turning it a surprisingly iron rich Swiss cheese." She pulled out a chair and sat down. This wasn't a time to stand on ceremony. "Love the tie by the way." She added.

Locke Suddenly stirred. He had actually been asleep, just in an upright position. He had caught so little sleep lately that he had jumped at the chance. He looked up at the attractive woman at the table and said,

"Hi there. I'll be the one sliding through vents and slitting throats behind the scenes. You can call me Ghost. And what can I call you?"

Dan stood up to shake Alison's hand, and smiled when she thanked him in advance for his work. "You're most welcome, Miss Snow." He then turned his head to the rest of the group, seeing the man next to him wake up out of the corner of his eye. "To answer your earlier question: Yes, we're your reinforcements." He held his hand out to them. "Dan O'Connor, at your service. I'll be keeping your gear in working order."

May I join once the team arrives at Dunkirk?

We are already there

oh, alright. But I can still join, right?

"For the third time in as many hours, I'm Flight Lieutenant Alison Snow. Call me what you want, just don't fall asleep in the vents" Alison said brusquely. "Well, within reason" she added, not wanting anyone to start taking liberties. People had a habit of doing that around her. "Darling" or "Sweetheart" were at the top of the list of chauvinistic nicknames she hated with a passion. She understood women didn't have the same positions as men, but she was in the RAF for God's sake. Surely that counted for some respect?

as if hearing her thoughts Price began to talk to her
"Respect my dear is earned, To civilians you can demand respect but here with all of us being a similar rank, with the only exception being me you commanding officer. Which I am starting to wonder if your having trouble grasping the concept of that."

"When did I question anyone's respect, sir?" Alison asked in her accustomed "Military voice" she adopted whenever speaking to anyone with a higher position than her. She was usually very careful to keep it on at all times when around new people, and she certainly wasn't going to reveal any modern "equality" views she held. That was what she was interested on her leave, not on the job. "I'm sorry for speaking out of turn sir, but I was trying to be as efficient as possible. Were these men not our reinforcements, they would either be civilians or enemy spies. The former being of negligible importance, and the latter being of great importance. Should these men actually be spies, I will make it my duty to see they not leave this bunker alive. Should they succeed in escaping, they will have one name of a dead pilot, and no links or further details, but when our bodies are found, the allied forces in the area will crack down, sir." Alison was speaking faster than her brain could properly follow, but when she finished, she thought back and couldn't find anything wrong with what she had said. "I won't cross you again unless absolutely necessary for the success of the mission, sir" she finished, snapping a salute in a deliberately overly formal manner. She had been faking the salutes and respect for two years, and this was no more genuine than any of the others, but nor was it any less convincing. Ironically, the reason she didn't respect anyone of higher authority was because of exactly what the lieutenant had just said. Respect had to be earned.

Anders looked at her for a moment in shocked silence before closing his mouth and saying "Well! That was quite a mouthfull! And what was that 'bout enemy spies? Ain't Lord Churchill the best spy-er in the business? There was a clunk from outside signalling the dropping of the hangar door and a bell signalling lord-knows-what, causing the seargent's grin to widen so much that a casual observer might worry as to if his skull might pop out of his mouth. "My tank's ready!" He enthused, "Anyone wanna see it?"

"I wouldn't be arrogant enough to say I'm the best spy there is, but it's hard to find someone better than me. But anyway, when to we get to base?"

"Tank? But you're an aviator." Alison asked, confusedly and slowly raising an eyebrow before it dawned on her. "You have an air-tank?" She exclaimed excitedly. "I need to know everything about it. Everything. I can fly planes easily, but I could never pilot an airship." She shot out rapidly, missing Ghost's speech entirely, though not deliberately. She turned to Price and snapped a salute "Permission to be excused, sir?" she asked, barely containing the excitement in her voice, trying as hard as she could to stay still and not rush to see if it used Jeunet-Carot engines or the slower but more reliable Merlin.

Locke whistled as he saw the tank and began strolling towards it. He started looking around fro the best place to stick a bomb or loosen a particularly important screw. It was a nice machine but he still preferred using his wits and skills to get the mission done. He ran his hand along the side before squatting down behind it to look at the belly.

"Permission Granted" stated Brian giving Alison a small wink.
"I am afraid the Tank won't be of much use, we can't really avoid attention When one of us has a floating tank. Though It can be used to get the Nazi's to think we're somewhere we're not."
Brian had seen tanks, this one was a great example. An armored vehicle that hovered on the ground, He believed this line started after the Dieppe Raid. That armor was thick it could withstand explosions thats what they said they said the armor would protect you.

Jaquiline stood back as the other crew got acquainted with one another, watching the dynamics with a analyzing critique.
'a gun-ho pilot, an airtank mechanic, a drowzy covert-ops, a comander with a tight lip and a Frenchman... ' She thought to herself, she may not have enough supplies to increase everyone productivity... she was so hard in thought she missed most of the introductions.. and then, the tank rolled in..

"Great machine isn't it?" Exclaimed Anders, staning suddenly behind Locke with his usual cheshire-cat grin "Gargoyle-3 with reinforced dirigible, Jeunet-Carot engines and a gun that goes RATATATATATATAT!" He walked around, inspecting it with the air of a man looking a gift horse in the mouth. "Quiet too! Could drop you off and get out without anyone knowing we were there. Except for the dead guards and the missing intellegence. And I meant Winston Churchill, not you."

Can I join?

"What's it use for fuel? I've heard of machines using Tesla coils especially for very powerfull ones like this one."

While the others talked, Dan was exploring every inch of the tank, lost in his own little world. As he thoroughly looked the vehicle over, he fought the urge to take it apart and inspect every individual piece, as he liked to do with most machines. He'd learned from experience that some pilots take offence to sudden unannounced dismantling of their vehicle.

"I am afraid i will have to agree with the lieutenant, mister Anders.." Jaqui stated putting her opinion forward. "We wont be able to sneak up on the enemy with such an.. impressive vehicle, unless, of course, the plan of action required a distraction or two.."
The good doctor turned her back on the mechanical titian and looked over to the maps and charts set out on the conference table.


"Without the necessary cover your tank could quickly become a target, and if spotted may mean the launching of the Flugzeug sooner than anticipated..." She returned to her colleagues with a pointed thought "Perhaps we could push the Germans into an early flight.. There's nothing they hate more than their carefully thought out plans thrown in the air-" Her eyes lit up as she strode toward Alison "and then while they are concerned with a ground attack, Miss Snow could lead an aerial assault death from above!"
Jaqui paused, realizing she had once again let her enthusiasm get ahead of her and she tried to compose.
"That is, unless, we already have a plan outstanding?"

"Well not to seem cynical but if that aircraft were to get airborne we wouldn't stand a chance. and it might annoy them we're ruining there plan
it would enrage them if they lost this aircraft.
and what was that about reluctance to agree with me?"
Price was looking directly at the doctor

"Not to mention an aerial assault usually works better when we have an assault squadron, not a fighter plane and a tank" Alison said casually over her shoulder "I mean yes I could do a lot of damage to the ground troops helping her up to delay her, but unless I have support from this old girl on the ground and the lot of you doing everything you can to keep their AA guns from peppering me with holes, or heavens above, damaging the plane, I'll be as much use as a chocolate teapot." she continued, not an hint of humour in her voice as she valued a plane above her own life while she gingerly hauled herself up to peek through the viewport of the airtank, careful not to overbalance it.

"but i was agreeing with you lieutenant..." Dr Jaqui replied, confused standing between the cynical parties.
"Mister Anders hover tank has no cover and would be more than a liability in a covert operation.." she adjusted her monocle, looking up at the burly superior.
"Even if we were to use it for transportation, the residual heat would be sure to set off some sensors, the Germans are always on their toes.."

Locke spoke up, "I personally don't care much for direct fighting at all. Seriously, why did I even have to be here to greet you guys? I could be sleeping or getting drunk right about now."

He was clearly not in much of a mood for talking about battle, not that he ever really was. He tried to get as much sleep as he could because his missions took place in the dead of night 90% of the time.

Price sighed they were getting nowhere fast
Ok lets just head to our next safe house it's ten kilometers away so Get wer better start walking and remember if you see One Nazi kill him if you see a group of Nazi's hide.

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