Would you rather?

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Dog. No question.

Book smarts or street smarts?

Book smart.

Apple or Android?


Would you rather Mac or Linux OS?

Mac. Theres a slight chance I could get used to it.

Would you rather live on the moon or in the Antarctic?

Heck yes I'd live on the moon.

Chicken or pork?


Conservative or liberal?

Moderate. Conservative leanings.

Mushrooms or broccoli?

Broccoli. Mushrooms a bit sickly.

Mashed or boiled potatoes?


Would you rather live alone forever, or in a cramped space with 10 people forever?

Alone. I'd probably go insane in either situation, but on my own I could have a decent conversation.

Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly?


The future or THE FUTURE?

The future

today or tomorrow?


Would you rather
play half-life
team fort2


Spend a year listening to the same Zero Punctuation episode, or go spend a week at a Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black concert?

justin Bieber and Rebecca Black

only because it is for a week only>_>

Would you rather


Because it has more letters.

Would you rather be drunk or sober (I'm quite drunk at time of writing)

Sober. It's more fun watching the drunk people.

Would you rather be shady or creepy?


The Instruments or Shirly?

I don't know what nay of that is.

Golf or chess? (you have to choose one of them)


AK47 or M16?

AK47 the M16A1 is the worst weapon ever made.

sword or gun?


Would you rather use a claymore or battle axe?

Claymore If my sticks that some people call arms could carry one.

would you rather me a pirate or a ninja.


Would you rather have scurvy or food poisoning?

Food poisoning.

Would you rather drink tea or coffee?

Tea. Didn't even have to think about it.

Would you rather Web comics or regular ones?

Real ones. Not many Web Comics are to my liking.

Cake or Death?


awesome or sweet?


Drugs or no?

No (I think)

McDonalds or Burger King?


Fries or onion rings?


Console or PC

PC all the way

Biological perspective or psychoanalytic perspective?

Psychoanalytic perspective.

Iron man vs. the Hulk or Wolverine vs. Spiderman?

Seeing as how I've read the W vs. S comics, I'd be interested in IM vs. H.

Would you rather eat a poet or a musician?

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