Your avatar is making sexual advances on you! What now?

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I'd go for it. Be kinda awkward though, what with my avatar being a huge robot.

*Insert porn music* Nice.

Is it disrepectful to have sex with a national flag? If not...

Its patriotic!

Sweet,do the flag, do the O make the A and G watch.

The Wykydtron:
Still must have been some crazy route progression if it ends with provocative clothing and seducing

I wouldn't be so weird considering what he is doing in the goddess arc.

OT:I might be able to outrun a chibi Alucard.

let it. TOTALLY let it.

Come, thin air, let us dance, let us sing, let us make love, and have a nice dinner.

...Dear god I come up with weird justifications for thrusting into nothingness, don't I?

Caramel Frappe:
..I'd wonder why my Avatar would want to be with me for in the first place. He's my original character, so I would probably give him 'The talk' and issue what he really wants. If that doesn't help then I would smack his head with a rolled up newspaper :I

And thats how his horn will fall off. (Smugface)

OT again: I'd actually use a rolled up piece of paper for Chibiterasu (An avatar I had way back when.) to fend him off from him trying to hump me, and point him in the direction of one of the other female goddess japanese children...

First of all, I wonder: 'How the hell did that dragon get into my house?'
Second, I try to walk away from him slowly, knowing that if it chooses to chase me, there will be no hope.
And when it does proceed, I'll just sigh and let it all go as smooth as possible.


I'll pour the wine and get the Oreos.

....I'll probably have to do all the work though.

I'd ... i'd be very happy.

i'm not gay but for Kiba i would make an exception

Where Kiba goes Akamaru follows.
Now think really hard on your answer

There's nothing there to make sexual advances on me...

just like in real life ;_;

Well now I have to clean up blood from my goddamn floor. Goddamn seppuku.

It would be unsettling and probably illegal. :|

Film it doing so, write article for Nature, advance career prospects.

Captcha: Oliver's erwilly

I preferred Oliver's Army myself

This Black Mage is female. So if we got together our offspring would have magical powers of doom.



I would cue the funky baseline.
I don't know how it would work, whether it would work at all, or any details like that but I know it would be fun trying.
Also tell me how the hell my avatar would dress provocatively?

Joker doesn't like it when people try to back out.

Of all the Avatars I've seen I'm sure Edgar would be the most likely to make advances....

i know people can have sex with cars

But the fiesta is a little to girly for my tastes

Noooo He ate them.. and now he's going to eat meeee. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Dinosaurs armed with laser guns dressed up in provocative clothing. No.


He's a reploid (extremely human android), even if its possible, I don't swing tha-

wait, I changed my avatar, let me try again; a foursome with Vent, Giro, and Aile. while awkward, at least Aile is smoking hot.... for a 14 year old?

I'm not a pedophile!

Ohh god Dash umm. Well you look really sexy right now, but I...
(Probably just go with it. Cause theres no was I'm outrunning the fastest flyer in Equestria)
If I were a pony or she a human. No question than I'd hop at the chance.

Umm, yeah. If anyone needs me, I'll be in this barn with Holo for god knows how long. If you need to reach me, knock three times and clear off, as I will have no interest in talking at that particular moment in time.

High five for that one.

For mine, I'd... be too confused to move. How could Lawrence ever... bleeegggghhhh. If you've ever watched the show, you know exactly what I mean.

Don't.. *ahem* injest..

Yeah... I'd just go with it. It could only go goodly. Or with me getting bludgeoned with a bass.

I just hope he doesn't show me his Grossdeutschland. Or his pickelhaube.

Ooooh. I'm normally straight, but I think just this once...

I mean, it's Tennant, what do you expect me to do?

well seeing as my avatar is me, I suppose that whole "gay sex or masturbation" paradox would come up in the discussion

hope that as soon as the helmet came off that Denise Richards is under it.

I don't have an avatar. Meaning nobody wants to have sex with me.

Quite typical, really.


Since mine should come after an apocalypse, I'm only slightly surprised to find it in my house. Pistol out, pop-pop, good night Gracie.

On a normal day I would probably panic and run. Or brain it with the heavy object nearest to hand, which by my front door is <looks around> a weedwhacker.

You have just gotten home from a long day at work to find your avatar (whatever it is) dressed in provocative clothing and... trying... to seduce you....

Me in seductive clothing trying to seduce me? Game on.

Lord Mountbatten Reborn:
How on earth do I see myself advancing on myself?

You sir, have no imagination!

My avatar is me. This makes things simple.

I want to refuse, but... It's the goddamn Batman. He'll just catch me and get his way with me.

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