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Have some breakfast LIKE A BOSS!

Have day off tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!

Got a 1 tip from a customer (I spend severl minutes helping her to look for this product and carrying it to her car) LIKE A BOSS!!!

Took a shower.

Eat Pizza LIKE A BOSS!

Buy more Pizza LIKE A BOSS!

Watching Shutter Island while playing Harvest Moon LIKE A BOSS!

My Pokemon Black 2 had arrived today LIKE A BOSS!!! (I was expecting it to arrived next Tuesday.)

Listening to Running in the 90's LIKE A BOSS!

Reading "Xeno Hunter's" LIKE A BOSS!

Love the Black Library's "Print on Demand" stuff. :D

Eat junkfood LIKE A BOSS!

Watching my kitten play with a straw LIKE A BOSS!

Wishing I had the day off LIKE A BOSS
Haven't had a break from school since...wait I haven't LIKE A BOSS
Getting drained since I go to school everyday LIKE A BOSS

Get to leave work early LIKE A BOSS!!!

But in return I have to come in work early tomorrow LIKE A BOSS!!!

Breaking pieces of my car LIKE A BOSS! >:(

Wondering what happened to Red's car LIKE A BOSS

Bored to tears LIKE A BOSS!

Killing time LIKE A BOSS!

Also killing time LIKE A BOSS.

Thinking about how slow this is LIKE A BOSS!


Telling Redlin to stop spreading his forum game around LIKE A BOSS!


wat r u doing...



Slaps Redlin LIKE A BOSS!

Going to work soon LIKE A BOSS!!!

Back from school LIKE A BOSS!

Getting into a depression LIKE A BOSS

Slaps Nero out of depression LIKE A BOSS!

Is exhauted from work LIKE A BOSS!!

Heal up from cold LIKE A BOSS!!

Waiting for dinner LIKE A BOSS!!

Can't go to sushi restaurant with friends LIKE A BOSS

Nineteen thousand posts, LIKE A BOSS!!

Getting slapped LIKE A BOSS!


Eat Meanies LIKE A BOSS!

Getting messages LIKE A BOSS!

Be made an Admin LIKE A BOSS!

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