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Slaps Redlin LIKE A BOSS!

Going to work soon LIKE A BOSS!!!

Back from school LIKE A BOSS!

Getting into a depression LIKE A BOSS

Slaps Nero out of depression LIKE A BOSS!

Is exhauted from work LIKE A BOSS!!

Heal up from cold LIKE A BOSS!!

Waiting for dinner LIKE A BOSS!!

Can't go to sushi restaurant with friends LIKE A BOSS

Getting slapped LIKE A BOSS!


Eat Meanies LIKE A BOSS!

Getting messages LIKE A BOSS!

Be made an Admin LIKE A BOSS!

Wondering what Tizzy became an Admin of LIKE A BOSS!

Knowing the answer to that question LIKE A BOSS!

Wishing to know what it was LIKE A BOSS
Asking to please be told LIKE A BOSS

Had dinner LIKE A BOSS!!!

Requiring Pubclub LIKE A BOSS!


Tell everyone here to join Pub Club LIKE A BOSS!

Watching Game 6, LIKE A BOSS!

Can't afford Pub Club LIKE A BOSS. T.T

Multitasking (surfing the net while playing Pokemon Black 2) LIKE A BOSS!!!

Eating beef noodles LIKE A BOSS!

Dreaming of the future LIKE A BAWS!

Posting again like a BOSS!

Facepalming LIKE A BOSS!!!

Beat a hard optional boss early in Final Fantasy 9 LIKE A BOSS!

Pre-ordered Halo 4 LIKE A BOSS.

Order some equipment and games LIKE A BOSS
Getting annoying about being unable to update L4D2 LIKE A BOSS!

Go to Homecoming LIKE A BOSS
Had a lot of fun LIKE A BOSS

Ate a muffin LIKE A BOSS!!

Lose my home internet LIKE A BOSS! D:

Feel bad for Red LIKE A BOSS

Wake up LIKE A BOSS!

Want to go home already LIKE A BOSS

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