If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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*girlish scream*

Are you okay? You seem sad.


The eyes...okay, maybe a morning quickie for those eyes. ;)

Oh fuck no.

Hello Squidward. Have a problem?

A dog collar? At the beach?

This is some kinky stuff >.>

You're okay for being 3D, but still a no.

I'd tap that ass.

Get away from me!


No shirt? No problem

I don't usually swing, but with enough vodka those eyes...

...Kill it with fire? Kill it with fire indeed!

Oh GlaDoS, I love you.

Out of my bed, jailbait!

Oh goddammit Palin!

I cannot complain at all.

Sorry, I have an aversion to ghosts, even awesome famous ones.

Never watched the show you're from, so I barely know you.

Sakimichan has awesome awesome pictures =3

So does Meago. :p I used to follower their art back in middle school.

Those are some pretty epic sideburns I must say.

4chan link is blocked =S But I'm sure it looks nice!

I'm sure it's a ninja!

Eh. Can't complain. Although those eyes kinda creep me out.

Get away from me, you thing!

Were the musical tattoos already on before last night?

No ty. I like ginger girls the most but eugh.
I saw this on imgur. Its a pretty good drawing, but I still find the girl really ugly.

Mononoke? Mononoke! =D

Do not fancy at all.

Eep! Underage!

I won't complain.

Neither will I.

Go sob on Blonic's shoulder, not mine.

No. Go away now.

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