If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Sorry, I don't drink.

Not quite my type, but you'll do!

Can I help you with anything?

Get away, pedotato!

That's some nice armor you have there >.>

That's a nice annoying link you've got there.
Please don't use that site.

That little rabbit is hawt.


Dunno why but the bunny creeps me out... <.<

Get the crap out of my house.

That's some nice armor you have there >.>

Please take note that fanpop is one of the many sites that does not like sharing it's images.

*drools* wait a minute, I'm not gay!

Hello win Sakimichan girl.

I'm sorry, but your shadow seems to be a dragon...

Nice scars you've got there.


Well hello there. Is that your... ghost... cat? Oh dear.

Stop that. You're making a mess.

Why do you have a sheep?!

Not really my type, but I can't complain about you!

Oh god. Please don't tell anyone about this!

Please do not link directly to Konachan or Yande.re (which is a million times better than Konachan). Upload it somewhere else first, which is what I do.
OT: You're so badass that it makes me want to cry.


This is pretty good considering many of the pictures I've had to react to before.

Go away photoshopped man.

Do I even want to know what's going on here?

No thanks.

Why do I keep ending up with the (presumably) underage girls? The cops are going to catch on sooner or later guys!

*girlish scream*

Are you okay? You seem sad.


The eyes...okay, maybe a morning quickie for those eyes. ;)

Oh fuck no.

Hello Squidward. Have a problem?

A dog collar? At the beach?

This is some kinky stuff >.>

You're okay for being 3D, but still a no.

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