If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Hey, I don't like you :D

I will continue not liking Skullgirls until Beowulf makes it in >_>


...Rule 63 strikes again!

Ninja'd. Guess I was too slow D:

Also take that out of my ocean/bedroom >:(

You're doing the fusion dance wrong!

Two little boys dancing in my sky palace. It's like you're TRYING to get me arrested >_>

You look kinda familiar. It's the sword.

My favourite lion <3

I am surprisingly okay with this.

I was wondering why my pillow felt so fuzzy.

I am totally cool with this. Except I don't have any money.

...Want me to join your army as payment? Joining the army could be fun.

Me gusta.

Ehhhhhh... Alright I guess.

I would be out of that bed so fast.

IF you're over 18, then yes!

Hmm. So long as you aren't the one with the razor sharp teeth underneath the mask I'm okay with this.

You can't fly with those things...bitch, you can't even glide like that. Get out of my house!

Don't link directly, please. Most sites don't like that.


Not a Titan! Not a Titan!

Oh shit! I don't remember painting my wall that colour.

Edit: I'm cool with this. :3

*Wakes up* Hmm excuse but Darth Vader will take it from here.


THERE you are Snickers! I was looking for you! Ya know, so I could feed you?

.... Oh dear.

Salutations, my good man. I shall have to remember in which direction you swing so that I know which of my friends to recommend your exquisite...shall we say, services to in the future.

Hey, where do you?-Wait...I could swear I used to have four walls in this room...

Could be worse. Actually, couldn't be much better. <3

I'm cool with this.

Nice of you to bring your own chair.

Now please don't brain me with it.

I would be out of that bed so fast.

Funny how her art makes her look young, but the underlying story makes the issue SO much different... x-D

She's also kinda difficult to beat... Got an awesome theme though. =D

OT- Too young perhaps?

You're probably too young, considering a 15 year old manga female tends to look about 24, but...

...nnnngg...DAT SHADING.

How is the bed still intact? :-/

Wow, I got a lot of pussy :D

No thank you.

Ok I have a test for everyone who I wake up with.......Does the cat talk to you?



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