If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Let's share some music! :D

Sure... musik. Definitely.

I'm digging the two eye colors

But how did all this water get here? D:

Your arms are huge!

I am sideways, therefor I win.

Well, looks like you aren't a virgin anymore.

You're not Tom Cruise! D:


I don't trust a man with more than one face.

I really hope you know what's going on because I have no idea.

I will burn your heart out.

You aint my king bitch.

I don't Xbox. Why are you even here?

Get the hell out of my bed.

o.o That expression. It's so... expressful of life's sorrows!!

You're way too white, are you alive? O.O


Well, I've done worse. PETA can watch

Are we at your house or mine? The answer will tell me if I'm just in wanting to yell at you right now.

You're crazy and frequently set people on fire. No dice.

Would you kindly stop staring into my soul?

Why are you looking over me, and clothed?

I am extremely curious as to what is about to happen.

ehh? Who are you?

... Was I just nuked?

We'll make the world laugh to death~

Para, I'm disappoint. You always post nice things, but this is just horrid! Why would you post 3DPD?!

I'm sorry! I didn't mean to break your heart~!

You two look like you're occupied...

You're too old! Why are you so old?!

If that's my tea I will hurt you >:|

You have ten seconds to get your ass out of my bed before the sentries come out to play.

Uhhhh... dude? You have something on your face, right near your eye...

Beauty is a beautiful thing. o.o


*grabs shotgun*
Let's go teach that bastard a lesson. *runs off wearing Transformers G1 shirt*

Also, finally 100 pages. Let's go for 1,000 now!

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