The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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Plushies, lots of plushies.

One of those bank debit card readers.
At least I'll be wealthy when the world has ended.

A candle...I have bad luck...

A tome of eldritch spells and lore (Some sort of religious book cant be arsed to figure out what)

A glass of Guinness...

So I'll be drunk!

Hmmm....either a glass, a spoon or a steak knife. I'll play it safe and go for the spoon!
(I imagine death by stabbity-stab-stab would be less excruciating than being spooned to death. Ph34r teh sp00n!)

A mountain of empty drink bottles. Not sure that would be useful in any circumstance...

Fear the Power of Math Books!!!!

A wardrobe...COME AND GET IT!?!?!

A ball of yarn. No seriously.

A screwdriver.

Maryland cookies...

An Xbox 360 wireless controller with no battery pack. Hmm, I could have really used the added weight of two AA batteries...

A bottle of pepsi.

Little black kitten with sharp claws...
Attack kitty!

A small plate...

A disassembled pool cue? i could at least bludgeon people with it since it has a decent weight to it

A pile of unused envelopes.

Not a lot to say except if you come near me - I will be papercutting you.

A pen... I guess I can stab with that.

A book on how to take care of an Iguana...I will strike the zombies down with knowledge!

Screen wipes!

I shall clean den zombie computers SO hard they will turn back to normal...



...A bag of sunflower seeds?

Another pen, this one shaped like a zebra...

My phone. I will be victorious forever!

My door...time to kick some ass!

Red spray paint.

A tin of coins. I guess they could serve as a good distraction... or even cause fatal impalement if dropped from a great height. SHADDAP WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE MYTH WAS BUSTED?

My laptop. I'm actually facing to the right of my screen (towards the TV), and am turning to the left to type this.

I can always crank up the volume and rickroll people. Or dredge through the internet and find disturbing imagery to flash in your faces before bludgeoning you to death with it. I can think of something.

A pair of Turtle Beach headphones

I guess they'll be good to block out the incessant zombie moaning

A flash drive.
The zombies will remember who I am, provided they somehow become tech savvy, or care at all.

A lamp

I guess when I'm being eaten, I'd want to see everything in good lighting

My One Piece collection...dammit, I worked on that collection.

A mountain of clothes. I'll hide in the clothes!

A cup of tea, I'll scald you all to death :3

a dirty sock!

MWAHAHAHAHAHA! zombies wont last with that smell!

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