Excuse me...

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"Excuse me but I am listening to "Hallowed by Thy Name - Iron Maiden"

Excuse me but Paradise City is much more manly you seee.

Excuse me, but 666 the number of the beast is awesome!

Excuse me but I tried calling it and all I got was a suicide hotline. D:

excuse me but I called it and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

Excuse me but that shirt is made from egyptian cotton. :p

Excuse me my eye itches.

Excuse me, but I am watching stuff on the Spoony Experiment!

Excuse me, but the knifing system in Call of Duty is pure bullshit.

Excuse me, but I have 1337 knife skills.

Excuse me, but I am playing Skyrim while eating dinner!

Excuse me but I don't have that game

Excuse me but you simply must darling~

Excuse me, but I agree wholeheartedly!



Excuse me, I'm sorry I sneezed on your expensive suit.

Excuse me, but you will pay dearly for such an atrocious act upon my good self *cocks gun*

Excuse me, I seem to be rather low on funds at the moment.

Excuse me, but...

Excuse me, but I stay away.

Excuse me sir, but would you mind getting those things away from me.

Excuse me, but...

Excuse me, I have an infection that might spread to you if you hug me.

Excuse me but we don't need no infestation.

Excuse me, I need to take my pills.

Excuse me, blarg.

Excuse me but your blarg are all part of a conspiracy! D:

excuse me but are you going to clean up that spew?

Excuse me, I'm not the janitor 'round here!

*alerts Janitor*
how can I help? Oh that.... *cleans*

'tis all clean folks!

Excuse me, but look how clean it is!

Excuse me, but you missed a spot >:(

*washes your face* There! All clean. :3

Excuse me, but your hard drive containing all your anime has been "mysteriously" wiped...

Excuse me, but I most go now. My planet needs me.

Excuse me, but I just took a bite out of that..

Excuse me, but your hand seems to be reaching for my wallet.

Excuse me, but I think it's your wallet that's reaching for my hand..

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