The person above me secretly wishes for....

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For less idiots in the world.

But twice as many drunk people.

To never be able to get drunk again.
Screw you liver! XD

To shorten his last post to 'drink like an Irishman' (Ironic, as I'm Irish and don't drink much, nor can I hold my drink that well) :)

Secretly wishes to be an Irish stereotype.
Irish on my dad's side. Guys in the family get angry when drunk.

That the world was just Ireland.

Wishes to sail the world in his house boat.

For an owl with a runcible spoon

Secretly wishes to know what he did next week.

Secretly has slaves cleaning his house.

That he would rule over all the citizens of the moon.

Wishes to fly to the moon with Frank Sinatra.

Is already on the moon.
Capcha: H&M: describe this brand in any words you want.
My response: I have absolutely no idea what that is.

Wishes that everyday was a Saturday.

Wishes he had an afro

zombies that would say poetic shite like " tears in rain" before they drop dead... deader.

Wishes to be one of those zombies.

wishes to be an ant queen

To be the king of all things lame.

Wishes to eat eggs and bacon

Wishes to spend an eternity in torment.

Wishes to be a dinosaur

Wishes to not know too much anymore!
o: !! How did you know!?!?

Wishes they knew a potato

Wishes that Mr. Potato Head were their friend, and that they hadn't put him in a stew.

Wishes that Mrs. Potato head was his wife

To take over the world, and do so in style.

A Night-vision Augmentation Canister.

Wishes his avatar was cooler then mine.

Secretly wishes his avatar could break dance with ease.

Wishes that he could be in the Dark Brotherhood.

Wishes for another name change... :P

Wishes to have $1,000,000.
Wish I could change it back...Neronium is still good.

wishess for the secret conspiracy cipher for unlocking the unseen

Secretly wishes to be one of the unseen.

Wishes more people would send him requests for farmville

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