The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to give me PubClub membership.

Wishes to be paid $1000 a week just for being alive.(and to share some of that with me)

Wishes I knew what his avatar was.

Wishes to get that bloody thing out of your eye

Wishes for 14 tons of American cheese to arrive on his/her doorstep.

Wishes to smoke every brand of cigarette on the planet.

Wishes to meet his avatar.

For a way to get the perfect g hy bvggvffvgbff. *falls asleep*

wishes for 8.472 kgs of cocaine


Wishes for boobs like his avatar. xD

Wishes he was Velma from Scooby Doo.

Wishes to be the bestest LoL champion.

Wishes to protect the world from devistation.
And to united people within the nation.

To destroy the lame things.

Wishes for a world made of money.

Wishes to own a sword.

Wishes to own a tiara.

Wishes to own a sword.

Actually I do. Sure they are cheap-ass plastic swords that you could get at just about any dollar store, but they are still technically swords.

OT: Wishes to own the moon.

Wishes to own a sword.

I actually have two legit swords. A colonial era saber from this here nation and an Indonesian shortsword that is so oh ornate. Not to mention one of a kind...

OT: A suit of paper mail.

Sure, as long as I'm not the one who has to make it.

OT: A full scale paper biplane.

A full scale model of the Death Star.

To put an actually ship in a bottle.

To be on that ship.

To have the coolest sombrero ever.

to be the coolest sombrero ever.

To never stop doing what ever it is they are doing at the exact moment they read this.

Wishes for a Welsh cake.

Wishes for cheese cake.

Wishes for cherry pie.

Wishes to understand how everything works.

Wishes he was no longer cursed with the spinning button.

Wishes he had a lovely bunch of coconuts.

Secretly wishes to munch on something with a coconut flavor.

Secretly wishes to come by the escapist more often...<.<

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