The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes to make a song about bees...

Wishes to become the most fabulous queen bee.

Wishes to speak with spiders.

Wishes to do the dance of Spiders! O>O

Wishes to dance the dance of joy.

Wishes to morph into the avatar and flirt with mine. >,>

Wishes he could see through really cheap plastics.

That every time someone sung the happy birthday song he got a dollar.

Wishes to know where Waldo's brother is.

Wishes to be able to memorize every wheres waldo book ever made.

Wishes to memorize everything.

Wishes to travel into the Mariana Trench. o3o

Wishes to live there for a month or two.

Wishes to provide food to all the rabbits.

Wishes to win at every game he ever participates in.

For me to be on this page.

For a butler who has to sing instead of talk.

Obviously wants me to answer that one. <.<

Wishes for the mightiest sombrero ever.

Wishes to have the world's spiciest hot wings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Wishes to bathe hot sauce.

Wishes to add the worlds spiciest sauce to said hot wings.

Wishes to eat the spiciest foods with honey! O.O

to be the honey and to be licked extensively

Wishes to have a tire sense.

Wishes to have some sense about senseis. :D

To sense cents since sensing cents is sensible.

To own Switzerland.

To own the Swiss cheese monopoly!

To own stock in that monopoly.

To bring the downfall of that monopoly to increase his own stocks!

To steal all the catnip in the world... and then the gold.

Wishes to irradiate all my gold!

Wishes to irradiate people he doesn't like.

Wishes to contain and protect every anomaly.

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