The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly wishes to kiss MY NEW AVATAR!!

Secretly wishes to be doomed with me.

Secretly loves Dango...

Secretly wishes that Dango would love him.

Secretly wishes Dango would love me because he thinks he is not good enough for Dango...

Wishes that I actually gave a damn about his crush on Dango.

Wishes I gave a damn about his love for me.

Wishes for a fire extinguisher to hit Fijiman with...

Wishes to barrow my shovel to hit me with.
he can wish for it, but that doesn't mean he'll ever get his hands on it.

Wishes he had a beating stick!
Appears to be my thing now...

a time machine so he could go back to when he wsn't an undead and could continue beating his joystik.

Wishes he had a beating stick!

As if. I have a shovel.

OT: Wishes for a suit made of soup.

Secretly wishes to be hugged by someone covered in chocolate.

Secretly wishes to be covered in caramel and then run through the streets.

Secretly wishes to turn into a giant chicken at will.

Wishes to make the most beautiful sandwich this world has ever known.

Wishes to eat that sandwich.

Wishes to regurgitate said sandwich.

Secretly wishes to munch on some chocolate.

Secretly wishes to be naked and covered in chocolate, right now...<.<

Wishes to see the world with a new perspective.

Wishes that new perspective was shrimp vision.

Wishes they could be a crab.

Sex on the beach. The drink.

Sex on the beach. Not the drink.

Wishes for a candlelit dinner in a torture chamber full to capacity...

Wishes to mesmerize the world with demon waffles.

For a phone book powered robot.

For Wheres Wally/Waldo book to be more difficult!

To be in the next book.

Wishes to create the next book personally.

Wishes to be the first to read the next book.

Wishes to meet the muffin man.

Wishes to crush the hope of all by killing the muffin man and claiming all muffins for himself!

Wishes to be one of Nick's minions during that.

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