The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Secretly has blue teeth.

Secretly wishes to find the lost treasire of his neighbors.

Secretly wishes to have the map to the Lost City of Atlantis

Secretly wishes to turn Atlantis into an amusement park!

Secretly wishes to travel to any part of the world for free.

Secretly wishes to travel the world on a bakers salary. <.<

Wishes to kill a baker and assume their identity.

Wishes to assume my identity and marry the baker. :D

Wishes to ignite a flame in someone's heart. Literally.

Wishes to be that person.

Wishes to create a race of pod people to steal everyone's identities

Wishes to create a race of pod people to battle my race of pod people.

Wishes to create the Pod People. O_O

Wishes that France was his to control.

Wishes para owned france so He could become a guy Fawkes revolutionary and depose him

Wishes to be king of China.


Wishes to rename China to CHINA.

To replace all politicians with kitties.

To rule the Kittydom with a silky fist.

Secretly wishes to bump this thread more. :o

Secretly wishes to come back more and help bump this thread... or you know, just hang out and say hi or whatever...<.<

Secretly wishes to do Rule 34 of this thread...(totally possible)

Wishes to help Sacman with that.

Wishes to buy out Hostess and eat ALL the Twinkies

Wishes to seize ALL the twinkies!

Twinkies are disgusting

Wishes to be forced to eat half the Twinkies.

Wants to watch me eat twinkies and laugh as I choke on the disgusting confectionery!

I find your pain and suffering... amusing.

OT: Wishes to throw the biggest party ever. On the moon!

Wishes to be a pooper to my party...

Wishes for another party pooper. Party pooper.

Secretly wishes that somebody would link this video.

Wishes to find a reason not to find this entertaining at all.

A helmet with ram horns.

Secretly wishes for more huggly avatars.

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