The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Wishes for an excuse.

Wishes for more spinning.

Wishes to have more Pokemon in his avatar

Wishes to become a superhero/villain and then retire the next day.

Captcha:braaains! Apparently the Captcha wishes to participate in Halloween.

Wishes to be eaten by capcha.

Wishes to fuse with Captcha.

Wishes to dress up as his avatar for Halloween.

Wishes it wasn't so hard to use the little bit of toothpaste left in the tube!

Wishes to know that dirty headlights can be cleaned spotless with toothpaste. o.o

Wishes to see the inside of his own skull.

Wants to see what's inside the jar.

The day he can have revenge for being forced to sort all those little idiots in Hogwarts.

to know the secret to making the perfect cookies.

For sexy, sexy ants.

For another 3 beers to be drank in quick succession!

For a zombie crow to fend of the regular crows eating his corn.

Wishes to be Crash Bandicoot.

Secretly wishes for a secret panda guard squad.

Secretly wishes to be hugged by a panda.

To be the petals of a sunflower.

To be attacked by sunflowers.

Secretly wishes to post in this thread more.

Secretly wishes to post in this thread more.

Speak for yourself.

OT: Wishes to know an actual Transformer.

Wishes to know Michael Bay. <.<

Wishes to direct a new series of Transformers movies

Wishes to an easter egg background character in every movie made from this point on.

Wishes to forget a word in every sentence.

Wishes to eat all the sushi.

Wishes to be a walking collection of disease.

For a heavy metal rock opera based on his sunday mornings.

To go to the Westend and see 'WE WILL ROCK YOU'.

Heck yeah ^___^

Wishes to know the name of every rock song made in the last 40 years.

Wishes for the end of the internet.

Wishes for the safe return of his daughter.

Wishes for the safe return of all the twinkies.

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