The person above me secretly wishes for....

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The mystical ball of nu.

The Knights of Ni. >.>

A shrubbery.

A herring

Secretly wishes for food.

Secretly wishes for a hug.


Secretly wishes to have a secret cabin in the middle of nowhere.

More mirrors.

To change their name to RaginDrain.

To work for a really cool secret organization.

To be the Illusive Man irl.

To be the half-invisible man.

To be the half-visible man.

To not have so much to do for school.

To go back to school.

To go back to school.

Like hell.

OT: To play the greatest game not yet made.

For the swift death of One Direction.

For people to finally realize how brilliant One Direction is.

To cause mass panic without getting in trouble.

For cat eye contact lenses!

For bagel-raptors!

To be understood!

To be continued!

To have an ending.

To have a fish hat.

To turn the world sideways, just for funsies.

To master the divine art of divination

To master the art of sushi making.

To join the army and steal all of the German tacos!

To be a scout for a Thai paramilitary group.

To be loved! Wait a moment...

For a ventriloquist doll.

For a living ventriloquist doll.

for everyone to press the spinning button.

Wants me to break my Escapist.

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