The person above me secretly wishes for....

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Rainbow colored dildo nunchucks.

Somewhere over the rainbow Bruce Lee will kick your arse and make you never walk the same way again.

A rainbow afro'd monkey.

A rainbow corn row hippo

Rainbow shower that turns him into a rainbow that murders people to make them see the rainbow.

A rainbow that is coloured in rainbow colours because it is a rainbow and therefore it is coloured in rainbow colours.

Fresh food.

Fresh meat.

Their own personal food bowl.

To not need food.

To rule the world with an iron fist.

To rule the world with a jade encrusted titanium fist! Much more stylish.

To get better internet for Redlin... <.<

To get better internet so he can become freakazoid!

To be the ultimate super villain for a day.

To die a hero.

To die an hero.

Or live long enough to see themselves become a villain.

To know who ate the last doughnut.

For the ability to rotate the world. :3

To punch a dolphin in the face.

To be punched in the face.. by a dolphin.

To ride a dolphin into battle.

To be the ultimate super villain for a day.

Wishes? Bitch please. I am the ultimate super villain! I took over the world and you fools didn't even notice! XD

OT: To wield a Dolphin in battle! Fish Mammal smack!

To french kiss a shark.

To wield Godzilla as a weapon.

To own a shark with laser beams attached to its head.

For people to stop talking about dolphins and instead talk about his favourite animal, the leming.

To hijack the conversation about a lemming by surfing on a shark while playing a guitar solo.

A phone so advanced that it makes smart phones look like the brick phone.

To eat live octopus' heads.

To see the inside of a volcano.

To have the fastest internet connection in the world.

To feed lemmings to sharks.

To feed sharks to lemmings.

To herd lemmings off cliffs.

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