Rate the song above you!

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5/10. I took nothing away


The guy just sounds absolutely bored while singing. Yeesh.


I generally dislike musicals. Most of the time they just sound cheesy and put pompousness before what they are trying to convey, relying too much on chorus, a multitude of singers and rather simple song structures. It's very rare for me that I can look past that, and unfortunately this is not the case here. I have to admit, though, that some of the vocalists here sound brilliant.

And being the eternal hypocrite that I'am, how about concept album that is essentially a musical - but with metal and a panopticon of well-known singers of the trade?

Nup didn't work for me.
I'm normally a fan of over blown; big sounding rock/metal concept things but this didn't catch my ear. Can't really explain why though.

Saw these guys the other weekend and it was very feel good.

6.5/10. I really liked the gospel vibe that the song got as it rolled along, but all in all, it was just a hair too folksy for my taste.

7/10, I liked it.

Is alright 6.5/10


Always loved this anime and this opening always made me excited at like 3:00am when I could watch it. Nostalgia aside, love the symphony of the instruments and the laidback feel to it.

7/10 I've never gotten in to the really heavier Metal before and now I know why; It's the screaming; Because that was good. the guitars actually had an melody instead of just shredding the entire song and yeah good instra-metal.

Woah this was a lot more heavy a film clip than I was expecting. Shit.

7/10, very good, and the video was really awesome.


Boring rock of the derivative variant. Singer sounds like one of the hundreds that you can hear everyday on the radio and it's for the most part cheesy and artificially soft. It does pick up a bit after the second minute where the guitar gets more active and the song becomes a bit more powerful. Still, for the most part it's just uninspired.

How about a German hardrock hit-single from 1997?

3.5/10. "German hardrock hit single from 1997" is superficially one of the most unappealing phrases you could have said. The song wasn't quite what I expected, but it still isn't something I would ever listen to by choice.

6/10 not too bad, but a little bit boring.

Yeah not my kind of music, also the guitar at the beginning is terrible annoying

0/10. I hate that song with the burning intensity of 1000 suns.


It was alright. The lead sounded a little strained, but everything else worked well together. Nothing about the song really stood out for me.

5/10. Fine, but not really interesting.


I like Muse and I really like Black Holes and Revelations. That song, however, never really got to me for some reason.

How about horror-themed 70s prog-rock from 2011?

5.5/10 It started out good but then it just didn't do much to hold interest.

Clutch - Electric Worry

6/10 generally pretty good... just nice dirty rock... but by the end it get s a bit monotonous...

9/10. That song is very good.

6/10 It was alright but a little too long for my tastes.

Hardmode: Listen at MAX VOLUME!!

I will give it a 6.5 it was pretty good but it had a really slow build up

Oh for fucks sake. I'm done. I have been sitting here for almost an fucking hour just trying to post something and I'm not dealing with being ninja'd twice in a row. I don't care what the gad damned song is nor how good it might be, you are getting a fucking two.

Bobby Pickett - Monster Mash

5/10, not bad, just terribly boring.


The song just falls flat for me. Nothing's interesting or stands out in the song what-so-ever

9/10, that's one of my favorite songs off of that album. Love the energy in that song.


I like it's punk-rocky nature. But that's pretty much it. It has no really interesting instrumental work, singing or melody. The only thing that rescues it from being totally forgettable are its pace-changes. Overall: okay but meh.

How about pretentious progressive rock?

6/10 Not really my style, but no that bad.

6/10, not really a big fan of The Smiths. But not bad.


Not bad. Not bad at all. Instrumentals work and the part following the second minute sounds awesome. Refrain is just average, though, and the singing doesn't seem to go too well with the overall song. It kinda gets too much at times where the guitarwork decouples itself from the singing and both seem to be at odds with each other. For the most, part, however, it works well enough.

How about some experimental rock from the nineties?


How about some experimental rock from the nineties?

7/10 I generally like Faith No More, but they're anything but experimental... just a pretty good rock band, that happens to have lots of influences, though does little to pave it's own way through experimentation... not much else to say, though, this song in particular drags a bit, though when it get's going it's pretty good...<.<

Now if you want something truly experimental, I'd suggest a look at Bog Black, The Boredoms, or the Butthole Surfers...<.<

Though, that isn't to say that they're particularly good...<.<

2/10, the fuck was that. Bad production, terrible vocals, only thing saving it is the drums.

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