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Wee! An overly long rock piece. I love those!

....or so I thought.

The thing is, in the case of this song it simply doesn't work. It's far too long and far too samey over it's course. There is absolutely no pace change until 12 minutes in. And that one doesn't even work that well - it simply lets the song drop down into silence with only the occasional sound escaping the nothingness. That can work, but seems too far out of place with this song especially considering that it never recovers into the same pace it had at the start - might as well have left it out. And the rest is just too boring - even the well done guitar solo at 8:00 can't rescue it from its boringness.

And that's actually quite a shame considering that the melody itself is pretty enjoyable; that guitar underlined with the whistles is just great to listen to and the refrain works good enough, too. Usually I would have given it a 7 or even a 7.5 - if it was half as long.

I haven't posted something classical in a while. So, how about it?

7/10, not bad. Very calming.

3/10... well the instrumentals were actually pretty good... if a bit schizophrenic and over produced... and I found the drumming really obnoxious for some reason... but where it's really bad is of course the vocals which switch between your typical annoying screaming and your typical annoying emo singing... it just doesn't sound good at all, at any point... I usually don;t mind bad singers... but this kind of annoying as hell screaming and soulless whinny wail, combined with the abysmal attempts at melody and cringe worthy lyrics, is just so overwhelmingly painful to listen to, it detracts from the whole song so much it's basically unlistenable...

6/10, not bad, but the weird vocal effect really brings this song down. It's quite annoying that he sounds like he's underwater >.>.


The sound of the song reminds me of Good Charlotte, if a bit faster and harder. It's definitely not bad: instrumentation (especially at the start) is nice and the singing works - no obnoxious screaming and a refrain that works for the most part. It's nice, but, unfortunately, can't do more than that - it always stays in that "nice-but-forgettable-region" in terms of pretty much everything.

How about a song from a true tragedy?

5/10 the guitar was nice... but it sounded like it could be off of any number of classical christmas albums that my grandma owns... especially when the flute comes in... it's just really hokey... like something you'd hear playing at a renaissance fair...<.<

I have no idea what this is...<.>

3/10, not really very good and it doesn't help I can't understand what the fuck the singer is saying.

0/1,000,000. There were a million points, didn't get any of them. Mostly because the video was pissing me off. WHAT THE FUCK DID THOSE PLANTS DO TO YOU?!? That and it sucked.

7/10 Pretty good, has a nice epic feel to it.

7/10, not bad, not bad at all.


Sound is good. I like the bass-line in the background and it's unexpectedly soft. Unfortunately with that softness also comes a not small amount of pretentiousness. It's always trying too hard (like in terms of the vocals), and it's not really managing to underpin that with an interesting melody or instrumentation. However, gets a plus for the female vocal part and last two minutes.

How about harder guitars mixed with electronica and industrial?

5/10 Kind of a nothing song. It was hard to explain but lacking direction seems almost right but sounds too harsh.
I'm unsure is my final judgement.

continuing my 'awesome band name' bands.

6.5/10 Kind of lame, but picked up near the end.

Fred Astaire - Puttin' On The Ritz

Could do with a cover... Ain't really my thing though.

I'd like to see if it's nice for other people.


Works surprisingly well. Usually, I don't like rap or hip hop but those parts have a really nice synergy with the simple melody in the background. What kills the song for me, though, is that it's just so awfully repetitive; There is literally nothing but those rap parts plus a melody that already gets old already after the first minute.

How about a Tohou remix?

6/10 Metal classico!
I always find the guitars getting in the way in music like this. I'm always looking to hear the, more often than not, interesting classical parts; like some of that piano is great but it's being overridden partly by the drums and guitar.

This is far too stuck in my head.

6/10, not bad, but not good either.

7/10... quite good... the kind of fist pumping jigs I can unironically get excited by... though they play up their novelty abit too much... it certainly works... and is doubtlesly entertaining...<.<

8/10 A bit odd, but overall pretty interesting.

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

I've always avoided the Foo Fighters. There is no disputing that Dave is a Rock God but man I can't shake the thought when I listen to them that they are just a blueprint. It's the same reason I haven't really gone out of my way to play any AC/DC's music after Black in Black for a few years now. It's not because I don't like the music it's just it feels like a formula now (Which is the point of pop I know.)

But I could just be leaning on the edge of Hipster Music snob.

Speaking of small Folk bands.

sorry about the film clip it annoys me I don't know about you.

9/10... :O That was cool... the only problem I had with it, is that the singing was much too clean for my tastes... but I can look past that...

2/10, I hate this song >.<. The guy sounds like he's droning on, almost like he's bored.

1/10... absolutely worthless... aside from the opening few bass notes... for like 3 seconds... there isn't a second of it that's appealing or engaging in the slightest... it's just all bad all the time... the instrumentals were a jumbled indistinguishable mess and were completely overpowered by the vomit inducing screaming, that retained the emotional complexity and literary poetic power of a 4th grader trying, and failing, to be deep and mysterious...

4/10. Everything was a bit meh for me. Nothing really stood out about the song or anything in it. It all kind of swirled into a bland mess of background noise.

3/10... just doesn;t really work on any level... the heavy use of electronic trance vibes under cuts any sense of grandeur from the original sweeping chorus and while I appreciate the heavy guitar tones and minimalistic piano, instead of creating any form of interesting dynamic between the two instruments they're either layered poorly on top of eachother, or fit into the song about as well as a crowbar to the knee cap, leaving me with whiplash whenever it just drops everything to play a few piano notes... it just doesn;t work as a whole... and is at best a schizophrenic mess, and is in severe need of finesse and structure...

Lee Ranaldo... <3

6/10. Catchy, but not amazing. The female backup voice made me get a little annoyed, but other than that, enjoyable.

6/10, not bad, but not great. I don't care much for lounge music unless it's Richard Cheese.


Meh...that's what I get for looking too long for a song to post...I get ninja'd...

But at least with a song that's at the very least enjoyable: the music is varied and has a bit of character with the trumpet playing in the background. Unfortunately, it never succeeds in providing some interesting catchy tune to go along with it and just kinda fades into nothingness with time.

How about some modern swing for a change?

7/10, it was good. Not something I'd listen to, but no complaints to be had.

3/10 Eh. It's the singing that puts me off these guys and It's the same with Fall out boy. Just that ever so slightly computer-ish' voice and all of the chorus's being really high.

6.5 that was pretty good... much too clean all around for my tastes, but it's still pleasant to listen to and has it's high points...<.<


That one rocks. It is certainly too repetitive and uninspired for my tastes, but the song still works well overall: the beat and rhythm provides an enjoyable background to everything and manage to not get overly annoying with time. Same goes for the singing, which I'd usually dislike for being of the typical boring Nirvana inspired variant. What pushes the song out of the average is the guitarwork which is not only varied but has a very nice fitting sound to it that is especially pronounced in the solo.

How about a jazzy video game tune?


Gives a good visual of a hustle and bustle shiny metropolis, but not something I would listen to without the game

Edits: video not showing up heres link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eXsBj9BCdM

5/10 it was alright. It was kinda boring though...

8/10 Shame it wasn't longer that sounded great.

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