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Nostalgia! I remember this song from days past and it's still a nice example of good 80s music. I like the typical electronic beats a lot and it has a hook that works well enough for what it is. Unfortunately, "well enough" also highlights what I personally don't like about the song: the hook is borderline obnoxious at times and repeats itself far too many often than I'm comfortable with. Still, a very enjoyable piece.

Christmas! How about a VG remix to get ourselves in the mood?

Gah, I probably can't judge this one very fairly because I'm completely sick of Christmas carols.

But still, 4/10. It's not as annoying as the original version, but it still reminds me too much of the original for me to enjoy it.

Wow, that was biased.

Well, anyway:

3/10... I mean it wasn;t bad... just really, really pointless... I mean it's just a lot of nothing, distilled into instruments and singing... I don;t know what else to say... it's one of the few times where I've ever felt like I've wasted time...

More nostalgia...<.>

and incidentally the most peaceful song about murder ever created...

5/10. I could never get into Bone Thugs N Harmony.

5/10 it was alright but not my thing.

0/10. That was a total waste of time.


I'm hungover. And this song doesn't help with that. It makes the headache worse not better. Gets a plus for the parts where they sing because they don't hurt nearly as much as the screaming does but still, it's largely just whiny and annoying and I really need another coffee.

How about something a little bit more soothing done by Yasunori Mitsuda?

Chromatic, I like you. You have epic taste in music ^_^

It's hard for me to pinpoint why, but I absolutely loved it :D There wasn't a single dull moment and it continued to visit new ideas and sounds and I thought it just overall sounded amazing with all those melodies and solos

Love it. 9/10

How about a rather epic little song from an absolutely fantastic film?

3/10 it was kinda boring


I know that song. Those short yells of "gay bar" plus the varied guitarwork is a joy to listen to. In short: It rocks, and I honestly didn't expect anything else from the Electric Six. Although, I really have to question what possible connection Lincoln has with a gay bar. Maybe it's the beard....

You have epic taste in music ^_^

I know :D

But you might want to requalify that statement if I decide to post some overly weird avantgarde stuff again. Speaking of which...

How about a heavy, unexpected mess?

Have a myspace link to Desert Urbania.

2/10 Looked at the similar artists and behemoth; trivium and Serj came up so I braced myself for an onslaught. But I got a quiet piano intro thankfully it lasted until 1:20....

It was as you say a mess. I have a hard time enjoying songs with a almost stubborn lack of structure, Dissonance and faffing about is also why I don't like some of Debussy and similar stuff.

This guys singing is weird to hear at first but it grows on you.

The uploader has not made this video available in your country! ^^

I will give it a 7.5 because it is a nice sleepy track

8/10, that's one of the funniest things ever.

1.5 please refrain to what I've said before... though at least in the beginning on this one I found the general rifing a bit more suferable... and the piano bit at the end is pretty nice... though it's A) really out of place and B) kind of pretentious...

I love sludgy Doom. It's how you can play heavy without being overly aggressive.
Good riffs and I'm gonna look some more of them up.

Hopefully this one isn't overseas blocked this time.


The vocals were odd to me, but in a way that made me want to listen more.
I also liked the instrumentals quite a bit.

8/10, can never go wrong with the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack.

6/10 I liked the video, but I thought the song was a little repetitive


The persistent slow beat broken up by those electronic sounds and underpinned by that voice meshes very well. I especially enjoy the raspy sound of the singing and the climax at the very end. It could do with a bit more power, though since it kind of fades into the background with time. Also, I was listening to the album version because GEMA doesn't want me to view the video. So, I just hope that was the same song...

How about some comical jazzyness?

6/10 yeah that was pretty cool... but there's no reason it should've been 8 minutes long... it's not that it didn;t have enough material... it's just really disjointed, especially the ending and the more thought out and the more developed parts make the rest of it feel really pointless and kind of a waste of time...


4/10... a slow boring build into a confusing, overwhelming mess that's too in love with it's self to find a suitable melody or core...

5/10 The song felt a bit bleh to me. Nothing really stood out about it and although I usually like songs with a relaxed sort of feel, this one was just kind of boring.

5/10, not bad, but not very good.

4.5/10 Wasn't good. Very bland rock song you would hear on the radio(sry I sound very hipster, but it's true). I can totally see a couple of bro's head banging to this(no homo), and that's the worst image ever. I can say I like "The Downfall Of Us All"(I used to lift weights to that song(no bromo)... Post Hardcore rock just helped me get it up. Other then that not a huge fan of this band.

Some funk for all yall headbangers. :]

Eh George Clinton. I have tried a few times to really get into him but there's something about his music that doesn't make for easy listening. I love funk and soul music (Sly and the family Stone, Funkadelic and bands of the like) but old Georgey porgey isn't the bump-a bump that funks my funk. Right on!


Kinda sorta liked it, but did the singer really have to sound like Gollum?

7/10, I loved it.

I will give it a 6 I guess it was alright

5/10 Barely any transitions in the song made it a boring/ I feel just a solo mid way through would have helped this song. Whats with the pigs being slaughter(Ok, it's not literally pigs, but totally sounds like them) at the end(I'm guessing that was the solo...). That didn't help the song out in anyway.

Dr.Susse- George Cliton was a ft.(vocals and that's all) on that track and had nothing with the musical construction of the song.

6/10 Calm, clean, and funky. I just feel the song was a little bit forgettable in its lyrics.

7.5/10 The lyrics are exceptionally good yet the beat is incredibly repetitive. If only rap producers understood the true meaning of chord "PROGRESSION". Very good song to listen to while chillin' by yourself or a fine young dime.

If you ever been dumped, you might wanna listen to this song.

7/10, not too shabby.

Ahh good old school FOB.


I have already listened to a lot of Fall Out Boy as it was recommended to me years ago because I was going on about how much I loved My Chemical Romance's Black Parade. So I listened and hoped for the kind of revelation that shook me when I first heard Welcome To The Black Parade. Yet it never happened and I was utterly underwhelmed. This song reminded me why: I like the sound, I like the vocals and hoped so much that they could provide something driving, activating or simply something that stuck. But it remained just so utterly bland through all of it. There was no power, no climax, no exceptional melodies or vocals, just that fading hope that there could have been something much better. Underwhelming.

How about another of those video game tunes that belong to a game I have never even seen in action?

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