the ^ < V game

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^ I am waiting for...............I don't actually remember. I've been waiting so long that I've forgotten

< ARF ARF ARF(something rude in Zigzagoonese)

V arf arf arf?

^ No. *rejected!*
< Thinking of how to make Halloween cupcakes...
v Has faith in the music.

^ Maybe, but who's to really say.

< Hungry.

V Has an overly complex costume.

^ You need special imagination glasses to see it.

< Finished main game of Pokemon X. Was good. Fun team. Plenty bugs.

V Hates comic sans.

^ Sure. Why not Italics?

< Plenty of Omelette to go around

V Do you like this new weapon?

^ Omelettes are weapons?

< Has never truly considered the merit of edible weaponry.

v Has fawned over replica weapons before.

^ True. Oh, that golden Lancer

< Beards take too long to grow

V Do you like Redheads?

^only if they work at the escapist <3 Lisa Foiles

<loves red head gamer chicks

V wants to talk more about the merchant from Res 4

^ I have never played a Resident Evil game.

< Not very into horror games.

V Get any mail today?

^ No

< I love the Resident Evil series. Even with it's campiness

V Mark IV Style, Mothaf*cka!

^ I don't know history!

< *ignorant comment about the uselessness of the past*

V Learned something today.

^ Not today.

< Maybe even not tomorrow.

V If yesterday's tomorrow is tomorrow's yesterday, what is the today tomorrow of three weeks and a day from four years two months minus a week ago from 34 years seven months and three days from then?

^ Wheatley: 6, November, 2017. Although, might've heard that one before so slightly cheating.

< I just made that up

V Gotta go fast!

^ Mercury, is that you?

< Now wants to play Smite.

v Is a fan of the MOBA genre.

^ the What now?

< i like cookie clicker! ^_^

V loves to click cookies!

^ I haven't touched that game.

< Dropped a plate on his toe! Ouch. 'Tis bruised.


^ Surely beautiful on the inside, just don't ask him for hugs.


v Has a secret base under the Acropolis at Athens.

^ No. Wanted to, but the price wasn't right.

< Wants lunch.

V Is in reality a gnome.

^ No. But, I know someone who is.

< Give me that stupid wand!!!

V Did you order Cthulu and Chips with peas and Mayonnaise?

^ ...let's say yes.

< O_O

V Has seen the end.

^ It involves tears in rain, but afterwards the butterflies shall flutter forth and inherit the world.

< Has never been to Germany.

v Posting from within 500 metres of a tree. I am detecting...(sniff)...Oak.

^ Why is this dog barking at me so much?

< There is literally no reason to be alarmed.


^ Maybe.

< Blarg.

V Should have seen that coming.

^ What? *gets struck by tree branch*

< Science everywhere!!!

V To the Destroyer!

^ After you!

< Discovered she has a pretty strong caffeine addiction.

v Has plans to celebrate Halloween tonight?

^ Nope.

< To lazy to do so.

V Will be hiding under the bed tonight.

^ Nope!

< Doesn't like being trick-or-treated.

v Has carved a pumpkin today.

^ No

< Has been playing a game called "Magrunner: Dark Pulse", a rather good "Portal with magnets" puzzle game. Buy it.

V You are spy!


< Is feeling depressed as I won't be able to go out for Halloween *le sigh*

V Cheer me up

^ At least you didn't spend the day working...

< ...over twice as long as you should have been...and it's back to the grind tomorrow, too.

V Works 7 days a week.

^ Dont have a job man

< I was in a surgery a yesterday, had to remove a few of my molars. Kinda not happy on the account that I am only going to be having drinks in the nest week or two. So no really good food :(

v Twenty percent what?

^ Twenty percent MORE SPROUTING!!

< Doesn't do much sprouting, actually...

V Is also a lie.

^ Your mother!

< Spent the last two hours visiting his mom and dad.

V Named their toilet.

^ David Cameron, why, because he's full of shit

< Watched Ghost in the Shell instead of going out, I regret nothing (well maybe a little)

V Had a good Halloween

^ It was meh at absolute best.

< Has changed his avatar.

V Is a bagel cop in disguise.

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