the ^ < V game

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^ Knows what Pepsi Max is.
< Doesn't know what Pepsi Max is.
V Wishes that Pepsi Max didn't exist.

You bastard...

^ Nope, also actually wants a Pepsi Max to try one.
< Loves Pepsi Max.
V Wants to know the difference between Pepsi and Pepsi max.

^Is afraid of merging threads.
< Merges threads
v Is a decent human being.

^ Why yes I am...also doesn't answer questions!
V Is thinking I am slowly turning mad.

^ Slowly? More like on a faster than average rate.
< Is already stark raging mad
V Is the king of the loons!

^ Is commanded to dance!
V Is backing away slowly.

^ Demands something more uptempo
< Refuses to dance the safety dance
V They can dance if they want to.

^ Can leave his friends behind
< His friends don't dance
V And, well, he's no friend of mine

^ Missed out on a dancing friend
< should be asleep
V Wishes they had a better lead in

^ Should post more so that we can get to know him.


V Probably doesn't know which Mad God I'm talking about.

^ Is probably right.
< Is probably on the Escapist.
v Is probably a fish.

^ One of my friends is annoyed every time someone says that to him.

< Meh.

V Will think of something.

^ Sure!
< Furi!
v Kuri!

^Has odd tastes in anime
< Had to look up Kuri to make sense of the previous post
v Has an odd fetish

^ define "odd."

< Is eating.

V has money.

^ Stole my money
< Has no money
V Wishes to break into the national mint.

^ Wishes to join me in that.

< Is sleepy.

V Is possibly a robot.

^ cout("Why would you say that I'm a robot?");
< cout("I'm not sure I'm coding this right");
V cout("Knows a bit of C programming language");

^ Doesn't know me as I can not program a VCR.

< Is not the greatest with computers.

V Is 1337 haxxor of things.

^ Outrageous!
< Outrageous!
V Outrageous, Do it again!

^ Stupendous
< Horrendous
V Erroneous

^ Worshipper of Tzeench
< Worshipper of Sheogorath
V Worshipper of Banjo the Puppet God

^ Types in regular sized font
< Types in small font
v Types in smaller font

^ Maybe
< Can Barely read this
V Can't read this

^ Can type very small
< Can still read it
V Cant believe I didn't type that small as well

^ Can't believe I typed larger

< Typed slightly smaller but still large

V Hates this game

< Worshipper of Sheogorath



< Typed this in various colors.

V Probably wont see this unless they quoted me first.

^ Is a tricky little bugger
< hi lighted the words instead and foiled the scheme
V has already posted in this game

^ Is correct.

< Off to play video games.

V has a cool hat in there possession.

^ A top hat, yes.
< Plays too many vidya james.
v Has a crush on Dante from DMC.

^ nope, rather Lisa Folies
< plays on his ipod so much
v loves dressing up as a ginger

^ I'm too dark skinned to be a ginger
< Is Asian
V Is Human

^ Is absolutely right about the human thing!
< Is most definitely NOT an alien from below the cloud layer of Neptune
V He's the very handsome alien!

^ Who are you calling an alien, I was born here.
< Feeling awake enough tonight
V Is overly tired.

^ The filthy Earth-thing LIES!
< For I am ZIM!!

^ Is posting on this thread from the Phantom Zone
< Is trapped under a rock
V Is the rock I am trapped under.

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