the ^ < V game

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^ slow dirt

< awesome!

V A very Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all the Escapist. Also a special thanks to any of you who risk life and limb as either a first responder (Fire, Police, EMS) or the armed services. May the Christmas Dragon put lots of wonderful presents in all your stockings tonight!

^ Same to you?

< Eh, for me it will be a little bit of family together time, then back to the norm.

V I have Monday off though, so that's something.

^ I have work to do over the holidays but iirc I'm not back till the 9th.

< Ever meet an upbeat horse that loves to come up and see people? I remember one that was sitting in a field alone next to some houses we were checking out at the time. It was a long time ago, but it makes me smile remembering how it excitedly tiptoed over.

v Pbbbbbbh.

^ I am not a horse.

< I don't think I like rissoles.

v Are you a steak eater?

^ I loik steak.

< I was in a bad spot a few days ago because I left a couple of things to the last minute and only ended up with one that turned out good.

v Where are the festive avatars?

^ In Hell.

< Loi loi loi loi loi loi loi loi loi...

v *Cacophony of drumming, trumpets and baritones*.

^ For the second day this year, I've been hearing apocalyptic horns filling the skies all day today.
< Is terrified that it's some kind of super-villain plot, world-ending monster attack, alien invasion, or all of the above.
v Knows exactly what I'm going through, but will keep it secret.

^ What are you referring to? Nothing that could be considered ominous is happening.
< Would be whistling If he knew how.
V Don't talk about The Event! Ever!

^ Ah yes, near the end of July, I compared it to Spielberg's Martian tripod sirens.
< Next time it happens, I'm going to drop what I'm doing and try to find it.
v To prepare, I should probably buy a pair of those headphones used at gun ranges.

^ Might be wise.

< Needs to shower soon.

V Sees the effects of Kwathnog ownership.

^ Extreme caution is required when handling your Eldritch pet.

< Ate well over Xmas.

V You wouldn't steal a policeman.

^ But I will steal their cars, when they don't exist.
< Turns out, the electric plant I live next to has the loudest ringtone ever for their land-line phone.
v Just think, if they set it to vibrate...

^ The destruction would be catastrophic.

< inner peace, inner peace, itchy nose

V Well I was going to say "The weight is over." but I am about a year late on that, so Kung Fu Panda 3 was "worth the weight!"

^ I haven't seen it yet, so I say meh.

< Listening to remixes of some stuff.

V Having fun?

^ I mean, I just woke up.

< And the first thing I did was hit the internet and play Clicker Heroes, oh the life I lead.

V You gotta MASH!

^ Do the Monster Mash!

< Even though it's January.

V Needs assistance.

^ No kidding, real-life mummies dance better than me.
< Has the singing voice of puberty-ravaged little boy.
v Disapproves of my use of "ravaged" and "boy" in the same sentence.

^ Neh.

< Emus look like walking piles of dead grass with noodle necks and grabby heads. Or like the top of a ravenna grass dropped off and came to life.

v *acts like a really smug, outrageous bird*

^ Quack.

< Blarg.

V Other random noises.

^ Vwoooorp.

< PokeBank update when?

v Mighty Number.

^ Numbers are only mighty insofar that they control everything in the Universe.
< Has heard the love-song of black holes making sweet gravity waves, and it sounds like a scene transition in a crappy children's sitcom.
v Will survive long enough to visit another solar system.

^ Does that include witnessing human extinction?

< Wait, what would that make me?

v Oh my, your ears are lovely.

^ The right one is blocked. I'm fixing it.

< I had an orange in the 90% that isn't so nice. I love the 10%.

v Hyper trained.

^ Uhg, I hate on-rails.
< Open roads for life!
v But why skies?

^ I don't know.

< Headache.

V You think I should change my avatar soon?

^ Not until you get that spot you missed.

< Bought a weird apple drink, "Snapple". It tastes like those bright red apples that are never as good as the crispy red and green ones.

v Ugh, don't be a meme.

^ If I'm a meme no one has told me.

< Should start sleeping soon.

V Was not told what to expect.

^ Yes and because of this I have been done a frighten.

< I'm gonna play some D&D next week!

v You do you.

^ Nah.

< Bah.

V Dah.

^ I grow weary of your gibberish.
< Needs property to unwind.
v And by property, I mean video games.

^ I don't know, get a copy of The Last Guardian.

< Really does not give a f*ck about 30 vs. 60fps.

V Lives life in the fast lane.

^ I walk fast.

< Speaking of FPS I tried to slow down an animation by increasing the FPS. Turns out 21 seconds takes the same amount of time for a 30fps animation as it does a 99fps animation.

v The results are in. I'm an idiot.

^ I can neither confirm nor deny this.

< is eclectic

V ever wondered just how the hell Raynor fit that battlecruiser into some of those places?

^ I liked when the red guy's face didn't show his eyes. I have such a huge fetish for that kind of design.

< I think the aimlessness it gives a character is what makes it so cute.

v Likes ASMR.

^ It makes me cringe.

< Trying to fix sleep schedule.

v What's your least favourite word?

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