Reason to fight to the death with escapist above

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Because he is NOT master of the Unova Region!

Is to!
*childish whining*

I totally am! My Emboar has not lost a single battle! The final 4 and the champion did not know what hit them!


Because.... no new avatar.

It [pun]rubs me the wrong way.[/pun]

he's not a real pokeyman anyway...

For an awesomely lame pun! *smack*

For hating peek a boo surprises! PEEK-A-BOO THIS MOTHERF**KER! *Smacks*

For bum rushing me! *bitch slaps*

For bitch slapping someone >=O *roundhouse kick to da face*

For round house kicking Tizzy in the face.
(round house kicks to the head really hurt...)

*Kicks to the kneecap.*

Captcha: Tower of Strength (you bet)

For avenging Tizzy. He deserves to DIE


For thinking I deserve to die! And I haven't the slightest clue why! *punchs savagely*

For not having the slightest clue why when it should be obvious.

Just kidding, no hard feelings.

Because you're a weak attempt at something badass that ultimately comes across as effeminate and mid-00s-flash-video quality.

For insulting the flashes of old! *draws beating stick*

For reasons! *gets into fighting position*

Because I have no clue anymore and just want to fight somebody!


Ouch... you really mean that man? I drew this avatar myself...

Because he drew his avatar! What an original asshole! *smacks*

Because this Gentleman doesn't care for creativity! *gloveslap*

Because personality should be something created by the individual, not inserted by others.
Shame on you for conforming to the demands of society.

*viscous poke*

Because you're missing a 'y'.

Because he is hitting someone for missing a 'y'! *smacks*

Because he's missing key information. *Flicks*

Who says this information is key?

For questioning things! *smacks*

For NOT questioning things! *smacks*

For questioning me on questioning things! *smacks twice*

For questioning me, questioning you on questioning things! *triple smack*

For question-ception! *smacks in a question within a question*

Because he needs someone to punch him out of this logical loop!
Fisticuffs, good sir!

I pressed the red button and want to murder bieber.

Because I do not recognize them! *welcoming punch*

Because he looks weird...

Not in a racist way but in a way that cats are not suppose to look like that.

*Prods Tizzy*

Because he looks like he wants a fight real bad.

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