If this is the answer, what is the question?

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Hey max could you look after the baby skeleton dinosaur?

A radio broadcast.

October 30, 1938. Mr. Wells, cackling, "What's the most effective way to terrify a nation?".

I'm not sure. It just flew into me.

Why didn't you take a picture of that flying pig!?
He's dead, boy.

Daddy, why wont my Giraffe eat this lemon?

Hello Kitty used to be good until that giant kitten eating dragon came along.

Ah, you been reading those Japanese books again haven't you?
Stay, it's not time to leave.

Oh god what do you want with me?

More tea now!

What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

The wonderful world of Hats.

What place is a nightmare for the headless ghost?

Ten or six I don't know.

How many seconds left before the bomb detonates?

A lot of blonde hair.

What did your wife find to cause her to leave you?

That is the biggest spider I have ever seen!

What do you think of my new wig??

William Shatner.

Why are you in my toilet?
That makes me a sad little boy.

Did you know that the named FF12 the worst in the series?

(Even as a joke that hurt to say)

OT: Hey a dog.

Mommy, why is it foaming out the mouth?
(I loved FF XII so much)
To war!

What do you do when someone steals all your candy on Halloween?

Replace all the trophies in someones house with potatoes.

Did Dad from Fairy Oddparents take over the world with smiles?
To the brig with you.

Captain, some of the men were wondering, well, can you cut down on the beatings? And the wearing of frilly dresses? it's really creeping us out.

I don't know that! AHHHH!

What's the Pi of 78?

Timmy's in the ground now.

Ah, is Vicky babysitting?
Mmm, that's some good food.

Where are the dog treats?

I was really annoyed by his constant clicking noises, so I shot him!

What happened to my pet cricket?

Cricket the game of champions.

What sport does thus bat I'm beating you come from?
I said close the hatch!

There are some Mormons at the door. Should I let them in?

You're on the air.

You can't hear me!?
Fuck it! We'll do it live. XD

The webcam's broken. Whadda we do now?

Blood for the Blood God!
Porn for the Porn God!
Embrace Change!
The Church of the Fly Lord is always open!
(Insert whatever Undivided worshippers scream here)!

What is the salvation army's new chant?

Ten green bottles.

Eleven green bottles hanging on the wall, and if one green bottle should accidentally fall, there'd be...?

Friday 13th.

Where did my cat go??

Mars, and possibly Neptune.

Where should I blow up next?

Some of the flowers in France.

What is causing the sudden outbreak of trolling on the internet?

My left pocket.


Thatsssss a very nice meme you have there.
Be a shame if something were to happen to it.

What did the Creeper say to the Reddit user?

Yog-Sothoth pancakes with Cthulhu syrup.

What can I have for breakfast that will drive me insane?

That empty window.

Where should I place the man-eating plant?
It's too small to fit through.

Did you get that tank I sent you in the post?

Every loaf of bread was lost.

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