Locate the Avatar above you....

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In a Chinese Pokemon rip-off?

At a large house, staring at nothing in particular whilst contemplating where to find the next fish-less fishing spot.

stuck in a computer screen

At home laughing at Scorptatious, who is stuck in a computer screen.

in the land of truth, because he does not lie

In the land of Smurfy hell...

Sarif Industries, getting sexually harassed!

Silph Co, battling Giovanni.

The moon, fighting the lack of gravity!

Outside of Harvard Uni.

In class at Yale.

Also in class at Yale, but about to be expelled.


In Newbraska! Partying in the...cornfields?

in front of some building

On a flea on the wing of the fly on the frog on the bump on the log In the hole In the middle of the sea.

Up my trouser leg

The death star!

Clearly in Magnolia or with Natsu Dragneel.

In a flying sled giving presents to puppies all around the world

Beating people with his tail!

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