The Great Related Chain

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Punch the computer rapidly!

It deserves it!




That should so it.

Well, I'm pooped. Sleepy time again.


Wake up! The trogs are here! *grabs weapon*

Jesus, I'm gone for ONE day and you two destroy the local bird population *shakes head* Oh fantastic now we're being attacked by trogs, great... Come Tizzy we'll fend them off till they waken! Now... where's my steel saw!?

steel saws? those are redundant weapons! don't you know lightsabres are where it's at?

Bah! Those things can't do a thing against DAALEK SEC!

They can chop him into sushi when he's not in his casing!

*Grabs banana* Come at me bro!?

Wha? What did I miss? *yawn*

You've clearly missed the bananas

and the ice cream

*Steals Ice-Cream and puts it under hair-dryer* Alright bub(s)! One false move and the Ice-cream gets it!

You won't!

Especially since I have cookie cake, which is WAY better than ice cream!

Oh man shit just got real... real tasty! *oblivious of Tizzy's threat* Taco man I'll trade you a heavy club taped to a bowling ball for that cookie cake (I know how much you like to bludgeon things!)

But I have stolen the cookie cake for my own, anti-diabolical purposes! HAHAHAHAHA! GOOD HEARTED LAUGH!!!

You bastard! Don't you know this is the internet!? We do not accept goodwill here!
....Can I have some?

You'll never defeat me! Now, off to the headquarters! My comrades will feast on these cakes!

Noooooooo! Damn you Lear's and your caring attitude! You won't get away with this! *get's in conveniently placed Mini, chasing after with cake cutter*

*gets into 1979 Ford Fiesta and drives off with cakes, armed with the SooperGunTM*

And... I've gotten away. HAHAHAHAHA! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

Oh no you don't!! *looks around for more suitable weapon* Yess! *pulls out Anti-TireSniper3000TM* Time to crash this fiesta! *fires at Fiesta tire*

*The Fiesta is hit, but the occupant has already escaped, heading into a building marked: "NOT THE HQ OF A MAJOR ESCAPIST ORGANIZATION. THERE IS NO BOOZE HERE."*

*catches up to crashed Fiesta* Now where did he go... Obviously not in that building; it clearly states its not an HQ of any sort, moving on... Wait what's this? Cookie crumbs? Lear's you clever bugger I almost fell for your deception *gives chase into the Non HQ*

Baldur Moon finds himself in a room facing a locked door. It states: "SERIOUSLY, DUDE. THIS IS NOT THE BROVENGER'S HEADQUARTERS, AND EVEN IF IT WAS WE WOULD NOT TELL YOU. AND FOR THE LAST TIME, WE DON'T HAVE ANY DAMN BOOZE!!!". The door's lock cannot be picked. The door and walls must be soundproof, since no sound eminates from the not HQ. The walls and door may also be explosive proof, since they have explosion marks, but are still standing.

Hrmmm... I don't know that sign IS awfully convincing... No... NO I WILL NOT BE DETERRED! *montage of Baldur Moon trying various methods of getting past the door including a hilarious scene involving a banana peel, TNT, fish nets and two leaf blower*

Baldur Moon's failures at entry catches the attention of a security camera.

Lear'sFool chimes in on an intercom.

Hey, Baldur! No, this is not an HQ, and I already fenced the cake off to some baker. The cake is being held at Steve's Famous Bakery Plaza, 2361983345 Baked Goods Avenue. If you want it, go get it.

*suspicious* smells like a trap...And also chocolate but I'm all out of hilarious montage scenes so I'll play your game *sets off to look for a map*

No, it's not a trap. You just need to agree to "Cookie Monster" Steve's terms.

And what pray tell are "Cookie Monster" Steve's terms? Do I have to swear fealty to Generic Evil Empire #342 or something?

You'll find out when you get there. I wouldn't know. He's an evil gangster running his organization from his bakery. It's a front. My fence said he was pawning baked goods off to Steve for good money. I tried to stop him, but it was too late.

Well I've come this far I'm sure it wont be too unreasonable
*sets off optimistically*
*comes back three hours later covered in flour and blood*
Yea that didn't work out very well... Asking me to listen to an entire Vanilla Ice album HA!Steve says hello btw... Well at least I think he did; it was kind of hard to tell above all the gunfire and god awful music... Totally worth it that cake was effn delicious...

Alright, then. Oh, by the way, I lied, that cookie cake you ate wasn't the one I stole. I believe it was one of Vinnie "The Baker of Satan" Calzoni's poison cookie cakes. You may die soon if you don't get to a hospital.

And the cake is all gone.

Well so much for anti diabolical purposes *sigh* hurgh!

Baldur Moon collapses from poison

Still...totally...worth it...

Dude, I didn't expect you to die. I'm deploying the med-bot. You'll wake up back at the suite in L'Inferno all fine and dandy.

*hears door open as med bot rolls out* AHA!!

Baldur Moon jumps past the med bot and through the door into the Non HQ

You fell right for my ruse Lear's this was all a setup to steal your precious booze! Now I will...

*notices approximately three hundred security lasers pointed in his direction*

Huh...Well shit.

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