the hill game

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Cute kitty, trying to attack me. The claws dont even go through my clothes.*Kick*

My hill

*Stab and Saps*

My hill.

Redlin's on a hill?
Who you gonna call?

The awesomeness of Bill Murray defeats you.

My hill (that I share with Bill Murray)

Jesus Christ, is that a spam bot?! It knows how to play forum games. We must kill it quick!!

*Blasts spam bot's head off.*


My hill.

Gives him the wheelie power-up and he drives off into the distance!
My Hill now I guess.
Not sure we should kill the spambot, I mean as long as it knows how to play...
It's getting lone in here...

Fool! The Wheelie power wasn't in Kirby 64!


My hill.

Hey bubble gum! Gives Kriby to a pack of ravenous children.

My hill now mate.

*Blasts bus with super energy thingy*

My hill now

*Eats head*

My hill.

Walks up to previous person and points out he is already King of the Hill fused with Goku.

My hill

King of the hill was cancelled.

That was my doing.

My hill now mate.

Kicks him off of the hill then rips the hill out of the ground and takes it to a dimension that only I and the hill may enter.

My hill.

*Throws him into space*

My hill

points out that I am in a dimension which only I and the hill may enter so that is not possible (I'm not trying to be a scrub I just want to see what people will think of to get around this)

My hill.

*Seals the inter-dimensional portal forever, banishing Epicspoon from this plane of existance*

Good thing there's another hill nearby, which I just claimed.

You call that a hill......This is a hill mate.
The hill was really a knife Australian one-up-manship ends in another stabbing.

My bloody hill.

Slinks over quietly and unnoticed due to long absence, stabs with his own Aussie knife and....

My hill!!!

Ally's wish for my return to this dimension using the dragon balls and I take the original hill with me. Smashes the new hill with the old hill along with all current inhabitants.

My hill.

Lures him off the hill with the promise of candy, gives him the candy, lets him eat it (it's not poisoned), lets him go back up onto his hill, then fus ro dah's him off the hill into a pool of wild, starving ferrets....

My hill.

Is resurrected as a Zombie as a result of the use of the dragonballs.
Biting Night and starting a new Zombie plague on the Hill.


I whack them with my shield

My hillz

I use his own shield to scoop out his taco-ey insides and then claim the hill

Mah hill

Uses the death star to blow up the entire planet including the hill and everybody fighting over it.

My death star.

Becomes your disciple and then years later after proving my commitment time and again, I throw you down a giant pit in the death star and....

My death star!!!!

bribes the pilot to crash the death star on another planet killing angel and creating a new hill!

MY hill/crashed death star!

I build another death star and then blow up the planet you're on.

MY chunks of rocks floating in space.

I blow up space with a bomb. MY nonexistance.

*Has a cup of tea in order to calm things down, then proceeds to passive-aggressively make comments at space until it decides to reform into its original state, hill and all.

My hill.

Oh, woops. I accidentally put cyanide in that tea before you drank it. My bad.

This here hill's mine now.

After using Chemical X, I become super powerful.


My hill.

I accidentally put cyanide in your chemical X as well. Whoops.

I guess this hill is mine now.

Your lack of originality in using cyanide twice in a row annoys the mods, and you get a warning, the fear of losing access to the wonderful silliness of the forum games means that you never ever dare leave the house again. You therefore abandon the hill,

My hill

*Challenges MrCollins to a race for the hill*


My hill.

*glares at*

Get off my hill...

*kicks off hill*

My hill.

I poke his eye with my hookshot and he runs away crying, my hill now.

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