Ctrl+V game. Let's see what secrets our clipboard holds.

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had a good laugh from this and decided to post to facebook

A response to Neonbob.

Significant and Enduring Theme No 2: Mortality

Superman had witnessed the deaths of living creatures in conditions beyond imagination, of natural balances beyond counting, of several stars, of two pairs of parents, of his childhood and of the world of his birth.


Senor Koquonfaes
i got bored of my old steam name and everything Yahtzee spells is weird

Lester B. Pearson

I honestly forget why that name is on my clipboard. O.o


Absolutely nothing this time! O.o


Yup, just the word details.


I wanted to write really small on Redlin's post rush thread.
(Like this)

I was listening to music from a game that was never released.


I was doing up a victory edit for him in Post Rush.


My friend was having a bad day and this was my attempt to perk her spirits. :P


A person here on the Escapist I needed to PM.

MC Hammer
All of my hammers... this was one of 'em.

"A spokesman for the mayor said: "The mayor has survived his first zip wire experience relatively unscathed.

Clearly the judges are likely to have marked the mayor down for artistic impression, and unlike team GB, the mayor may not be winning too many Gold medals today.

He does however remain unbowed.""

A quote from when this - image happened at the Olympics. Good times. :3
-- spaceraiderz;

Mine was my email address. But perhaps I won't post that.

Mine was my email address. But perhaps I won't post that.

Why not??? ;p

Why not??? ;p

I get enough spam mail as it is. I couldn't begin to guess what kind of sites I'd end up with memberships to if the scoundrels round here got their hands on that.


It's Counter.


It's the avatar I'm planning on using next

My title will be: "Kill it! Kill it with Crowbar!"


Sent it to a friend via PM recently.


For the picture thread.

For rate my song and post another.


I spent ages trying to find the first ever post on tickld, this was apparently posted 42 years ago...

Monterey Jack

Cheese. Glorious cheese.


Well...I am pretty sure I was copying development but I forgot the D.

I failed. LOL. xD

It's a picture I sent to a friend.

Tags for a video that I was trying to upload but wouldn't for some reason >.>...

"Max, Dirk, Leels and Scott along with half the grunts were forced into a headlong retreat. Alex and the rest stood and fought, tying down more Pokemon to fight them."

A bit from my RP that I had to quote for a PM message.


Because my spellchecker has derped...


Seems like a shameless plug, but this is genuinely what was in my clipboard xD


Something I found pretty randomly actually.


I forgot what thread this was from...


A player in my RP who has been inactive for a month. :(

A lot of neko emoticons/gifs!

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