In before the...

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In before the terrible images that popped into my head

In before Chagatai Horde.

In before VHS becomes the dominate movie format again.

Inb4 keyboard warriors demanding burden of proof.

In before the necro warning

Inb4 Critical Miss.

In before the references start getting really stupid.

In before Fijiman gets really stupid!

In b4 I have to go somewhere or do something.

Inb4 I have to get back to work.

Inb4 the wine eating cheese.

Inb4 Morsomk explains why he keeps talking about wine and cheese.

Inb4 the déjà vu.

Inb4 Kross

Inb4 Tizzy incurs Kross' wrath.

Inb4 Fijiman gets permabanned.

In before I ban you all

Inb4 the time paradox.

Inb4 I go to bed. (never)

Inb4 my 5,000th post.

inb4 100th post here.

Inb4 I kill you last.

Inb4 the spambots.

Inb4 the spambots.

You were ninja'd on page 1!

Inb4 an edited post.

In before sleeping over eating good food.

Inb4 the Expo.

Inb4 mutant mouse attack from planet 9 Delta Burger Shanty.

Inb4 the ludicrously high minimum specs.

Inb4 the bear calvary.

Inb4 someone else posts in this thread.

Inb4 tue thread dies.

Inb4 someone else necros this thread.

Inb4 the Streisand Effect.

Inb4 the whole Godwin's Law thing snowballs into a full-blown Fourth Reich incident.

Inb4 we all fall down.

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