Why did you kill the above avatar?

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For piddling on the side of the pyramids.

For trying to erect another stone circle.

He would've commanded and conquered all my units had I not stopped him.

He tried to hand the series over to EA.

He wanted to be a busta.

You know, contracts and the sort.

We were playing Poker and he had six aces!

He was flatulent.

He played one of the worst 16-bit renditions I ever heard.

He tried to chiptune my ringtone.

For practicing CQC on the mailman.

For breaking bread with the vampire clans.

I was worried his Soof Efrikan accent would offend the blek people.

Ohhhhh gods...

I wanted to go back and get those collectables.

He tried to make me learn the alphabet.

For strapping rocket launchers to school buses.

For trying to buy more school buses to use as car bombs.

He voted against the idea of a united global military.

He turned out to be a Telvanni.

For not saluting Mount Rushmore.

For saluting Mount Rushmore.

His boss theme was horrendous.

I disliked his camouflage scheme.

Tried to censor huge breasts.

He exploded the wrong varmint.

He was drunk and eyeing my Samurai armour.

He was pissed on my vodka again.

He literally scared the crap out of the Brigadier.

He was not a great officer.

Did a whoopsy in the construction workers cement mixer.

He was inappropriately dressed for the munch.

He tried to eat my epaulettes.

He was letting his pet rabbits graze in the garden of the officers' mess.

His transcript was littered with mistakes and untruths.

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